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Wholemeal waffles

THE wholemeal waffles they are a delicious but also light recipe, ideal for those who want to have breakfast with taste but without exaggerating. Few, very simple ingredients that will allow you to obtain tasty waffles, soft inside and with a light crust on the outside, but also perfect for a balanced meal. I served […]

dreamy makeup with purple gradient eyeliner

A makeup that combines dreamy shades and textures with intense and decisive details. Find out how to create a dreamy, ethereal makeup in shades of purple and lilac, with silver and pink duochrome reflections combined with a contrasting purple gradient eyeliner. On the lips a touch of nude, but warm, in contrast with the cold […]

DIY contouring: what to consider to do it really well

C.ontouring do it yourself? Absolutely yes! The products, the tips and the secrets to make a perfect make-up and make no mistake Define the features, harmonize the facial features e minimize imperfections: it’s not magic, but contouring. The makeup technique launched by Kim Kardashian has now become a cult and everyone would like to try […]

Acid rinse for hair: all the DIY recipes

C.Or is the acid rinse and what are the best DIY recipes for silky, shiny and super soft hair? Let’s find out together When it comes to beauty, you can’t help but think about them, hair. The frame of our face, capable of giving shine and radiance to the complexion, giving us an always impeccable, […]

Aquarius sign: how should you approach the beauty routine?

Land Aquarius girls are pragmatic and do not like to waste time, which is why their approach to beauty routine could almost be defined as scientific Always the stars have inspired the decisions of men and women in history in more or less important areas and despite the fact that it is just suggestion or […]

Lard and chickpeas pasta

There lard and chickpeas pasta it is one of those recipes of the past, a few simple ingredients whose flavors blend masterfully with each other to give light to a small masterpiece of taste and texture. If you don’t have lard you can try replacing it with bacon: it won’t be the same thing but […]