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Chicken breast with pizzaiola

The chicken breast with pizzaiola is a variant of the classic meat with pizzaiola, a perfect recipe for flavoring the very simple chicken breast. Also in this case you can use the sauce to season the pasta, but since there is cheese I rather suggest some good fresh bread to make a rich, very rich […]

ideas for the guest – The Wom Beauty

Lhe season of ceremonies is a real blender of commitments and, among a thousand things, it is essential to understand how to best make up. The watchwords? Lightness and long lasting. Yes, that time has come: to start thinking like putting on make-up for a ceremony to which you have been invited. Because it is […]

Baby bang is back: this is the fringe that everyone likes

TOmata by many celebs the baby bang bangs are perfect for the summer and for those who aim for a rock but sophisticated look at the same time There fringe? Better if short, indeed very short. The fragetta is a timeless myth that cyclically returns to vogue in different versions. One of the most iconic […]

which one to buy online? – The Wom Beauty

TOautomatic, in powder form, to be sharpened and more: there are so many eyebrow pencils and, here, you will find the best ones to buy online For a captivating look, in addition to make-up, it is essential to define and fill in the eyebrows in the best possible way. These, in fact, have the real […]

How to make hair grow faster, how to have long hair

If you are looking for news on how to make hair grow fast you probably came across this article because maybe you cut your hair short and now you regret it bitterly and are looking for a method to get it back long in the shortest possible time. Or it seems to you that your […]

how to make it at home and how to use it

Benefits Beginning in spring, roses begin to bloom, queens of meadows and gardens with their wonderful and fragrant flowers. In addition to its incomparable beauty, the Damask rose it is also appreciated in cosmeticswhere it is used to make perfumes, creams and aromatic waters. Rose water is prepared with i rose petals; it is a […]