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Venice, how you live after the flood

The worst week was defined for Venice from 1872, when tidal measurements started. Seven days after that 12 November nightmare in which high water reached the record of 187 centimeters, bringing the lagoon city to its knees, the schools have reopened, the vaporetti have the navigation resumed, but many stations remain closed, as are numerous […]

Does a Career in Finance Pay Off?

Often requiring long hours and grueling days at the office, finance remains one of the highest-paying sectors in the U.S. economy. Those who stick with it are rewarded with high pay and typically shorter hours as they move up the ranks in the industry. If you’re looking for a high-paying career, browse through the following […]

Meet NBMBAA’s New President & CEO: Kay WallaceMeet NBMBAA’s New President & CEO: Kay Wallace

Kay Wallace lives by the quote, “Results. Period.” The new president and CEO of the National Black MBA Association—which just held its 41st Annual Conference and Exposition in Houston, Texas—is all about achieving results. Black EOE Journal attended the action-packed conference in September and had the pleasure of speaking with Wallace about her goals as […]

Messed up in a job interview? Here’s how to recover

Your stomach drops to the floor. Your palms get sweaty. You begin to ramble incoherently, or worse, can’t come up with anything to say at all. Almost all of us know the feeling of making a big mistake during an interview. Great. There goes that opportunity, you might think. Don’t be tempted to wave the […]

25 Hot Jobs That Pay More Than $100,000 a Year

Choosing a career can be an overwhelming decision thanks to the vast array of options available to you. So, aiming high and setting a six-figure salary goal could be a smart move — it narrows down your choices and might even help you secure a bright financial future. To find jobs where you can earn […]