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Sign of Scorpio: the secrets of beauty

D.eternal, passionate, full of tenacity: those born under the sign of Scorpio burst with energy and must know the right secrets to transform this determination into a cyclone of beauty Who said autumn is a boring season? Among falling leaves and pouring rains the sting of the born under the sign of Scorpio, true forces […]

5 makeup brushes to have in beauty

THE face makeup brushes they are precious and essential allies to apply the foundation but, in general, to obtain a smooth and perfect face base all day long. There are those who prefer make-up sponges or fingers for applying foundation and concealer, but for powder and contouring there is no doubt, the face makeup brushes […]

foundation for perfect skin

Do you want something new? Absolutely yes and the desire increases even more when it comes to foundation. Finally its moment is back and, despite being a product that is too often little understood, the fund is the basis for every successful make-up. And this is well known by Max Factor, leader in the sector, […]

Dove Gray and Caramel Makeup Very easy

A really easy and quick to make, with only 3 eyeshadows. Perfect in the morning or when you want a neutral-toned make-up that matches any outfit and lipstick, it is made with the palette Baby Glam Palette by Natasha Denona, designed for the Christmas period and also perfect as a gift to be found under […]

Zodiac and beauty tricks: the ones that make every sign shine in the fall

Autumn is the month of regeneration and each zodiac sign has its own beauty tricks to face it in the best way. L’Autumn usually it is the season in which most of all the desire to indulge in some extra pampering to start again with determination after the summer, also because skin, hair and nails […]

Autumn nails: why do they weaken?

UNails weaker and more prone to breakage in the fall? The reason is probably much simpler than you might think. Here are some of the most common causes and to which it is good to pay close attention. For nails that are always beautiful and healthy. You will certainly have noticed that, during the autumn […]