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the best and to whom they donate

Often women decide to cut their hair when they want to express the desire to start over, cut the past and present themselves to the world different. Yet, behind a short haircut there is not always all this psychology, it may just be time to refresh your image. Sometimes short haircuts also help to strengthen […]

The Wom Beauty Crush: Favorites of the Month

S.find out which are our most popular beauty products of the month Are you ready to discover the most interesting beauty news of the moment? We have selected the products we have loved the most this month, finally welcoming back the lipsticks with increasingly innovative textures, i face serums with the active ingredients we love […]

Bridal makeup: the rules for being perfect

THE tips to rely on the right makeup artist and be beautiful on your wedding day The choice of bridal makeup it is always a dilemma between tradition and current trends. In both cases, it is something that cannot be improvised and the best make up artists recommend trying it first in order not to […]

10 perfumes we loved at Esxence 2022

THE new niche and artistic perfumery perfumes seen and tried at Esxence 2022, all to try for new olfactory experiences The long awaited new edition of Esxencethe event entirely dedicated to selective, niche and artistic perfumeryit was a pleasant return to the world of fragrances experienced in all their fullness and emotional facet, a unique […]

how to find out what phototype you are

To discover what phototype you are it is important for a correct and correct exposure to the sun but above all safe, avoiding burns and erythema. The phototypein fact, it allows us to broadly understand which sun protections are most suitable for our complexion and skin type but also how much sun we can take […]