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whether it’s lunch, dinner, or a special occasion. Here are our favorite recipe

Halloween gingerbread house

There Halloween gingerbread house is my proposal this year for the decoration of October 31st. It is a simple gingerbread theme decorated with all the subjects and colors of the most monstrous party of the year. I therefore publish it to you a little in advance so that you have plenty of time to organize […]

Kisses with cheese and pepper

We all know (and love) them all, right? Here are the kisses with cheese and pepper they are a (another) savory version of the classic sweet recipe. Easy to make, they are perfect as an appetizer, aperitif or for a finger food buffet, they are tasty and literally melt in your mouth. With this dose […]

Roast Chestnuts

In the fall the world splits into 2 factions: the lovers of roasted chestnuts and those who prefer the ballotte. Seriously, I realized that, despite having posted the recipe for boiled chestnuts on the blog a few years ago, I never published the recipe for Roast Chestnuts. Well, I’d say it’s a serious shortcoming and […]

Halloween cake pops

THE Halloween cake pops they are cute little treats to look at and also easy to make. The bonus is that you can also use them to consume an leftover dessert (sponge cake, plumcake, simple muffins …). The flaw is given a little by the waiting times for the chocolate to solidify … But you […]

Dalgona biscuits

THE dalgona biscuits are the kind of biscuits you see in the third episode of Squid Game, the Korean television series that has bewitched the world. Among the real games offered in the series, this is the one that, for obvious reasons, struck me the most: a game to play with biscuits? Here I am […]


There fojata, although its name may sound almost ethnic, it is a local recipe, more precisely a specialty of Umbrian cuisine. It is a sort of quiche with a particular shape, reminiscent of a snail, with a shell of crazy dough stuffed with leafy vegetables (hence the name fojata) season with a lot of cheese, […]

Anchovy and mozzarella pasta

There anchovy and mozzarella pasta it is a fresh and light dish, but absolutely rich in flavor. Although it is perfect for summer, the ingredients can be found all year round and with its colors it can bring a breath of joy to the table even in the middle of winter! In full nostalgic note, […]

Baked delica pumpkin

There baked delica squash it is a side dish that is not only light and tasty, but also very easy to make. In fact, you can also use this recipe as a base for other preparations (such as risotto, soups or even gnocchi). In addition, you can customize it by varying the aromas (for example […]

Savory pie with carasau bread

There savory pie with carasau bread it’s an idea to serve carasau bread (or even guttiau, if you want) in a different way than usual. The procedure is very simple (and basically reminiscent of the recipe for lasagna di pane carasau): it is enough to stack the pane carasau in a pan, alternating it with […]

Triestine broad beans

The Trieste broad beans are a typical recipe of the months of October and November in Friuli and Veneto (although the Venetian version tends to be made with pine nuts instead of almonds) These are small sweets made with egg whites, almonds and sugar that after being processed, it is divided and colored differently, before […]