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whether it’s lunch, dinner, or a special occasion. Here are our favorite recipe

Fried aubergines

The fried aubergines they are an absolutely delicious preparation, which you can taste like this with an addition of salt and pepper or use for many recipes, from pasta to parmigiana. Eggplants are good, indeed, very good, but they have a flaw: they tend to absorb a lot of oil in cooking, so you will […]

Chicken breast with pizzaiola

The chicken breast with pizzaiola is a variant of the classic meat with pizzaiola, a perfect recipe for flavoring the very simple chicken breast. Also in this case you can use the sauce to season the pasta, but since there is cheese I rather suggest some good fresh bread to make a rich, very rich […]

Gluten-free pancakes

THE gluten-free pancakes they are normal pancakes, only they are made with naturally gluten-free flour. I chose the rice flour and I find that they came out very good: delicate but tasty. Just like traditional pancakes you can garnish them as you like using fruit, maple syrup, chocolate flakes, powdered sugar, nutella or whatever comes […]

Baked mullet

The baked mullet they are a valid alternative to the classic sea bream. Being bottom fish, it is better to buy mullet of proven quality and freshness, also because it is a fish with soft and delicate flesh that deteriorates quickly: when you buy them, therefore, be careful that they have vivid colors, moist gills […]

Puff pastry pretzels

THE puff pastry pretzels they are a delicious and tasty idea, perfect for a buffet or as an aperitif. Practical and quick to make, these rusticini are ideal if you have guests at the last moment and want to serve something appetizing, or even if you want an afternoon of binge watching or a movie […]

Paris Brest

There Paris Brest it is a delicious and elegant dessert, like all the desserts of French cuisine. It is a sort of choux pastry donut (a bit like my St. Joseph’s zeppolone, so to speak), usually stuffed with a kind of butter cream (like the mousseline cream I used) and decorated with slices of almonds. […]

Stewed Calamari

THE Stewed Calamari they are a classic seafood main course, but in my opinion they can also be used as a sauce for pasta to prepare a nice single dish The procedure is quite quick and, if you have the squid cleaned by the fishmonger, also easy, so what are you waiting for? Roll up […]

Broad bean soup

There bean soup it is an absolutely delicious recipe, but also light and nutritious. In fact, one of the girls who works with me also passed me the recipe of a variant that she knew in Cilento but which seems common in various areas of Southern Italy, called Ciaurella, which looks like a single dish: […]

Wholemeal biscuits

THE wholemeal biscuits they are greedy cookies but slightly healthier thanks to the high presence of fibers. The dough is very simple and therefore also versatile: this time I made them with chocolate chips, but you can also use chopped nuts, or maybe dried blueberries. Similarly, you can add flavors to taste, such as cinnamon, […]

Zucchini in a pan

The zucchini in a pan they are a very simple recipe but for this reason everyone should know how to make. Mine are a cross between sautéed zucchini and sweet and sour ones, because I make them by adding a little bit of balsamic vinegar, a trick to make them caramelize lightly making them really […]