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A team of "heroines"

S.tattooed, magnetic, maternal, intelligent. If there is an actress who perfectly embodies the role of super heroine endowed with extra-ordinary powers is Angelina Jolie. Today more than ever, so attractive that it does not seem “earthly”. Thanks to her (chapeau!) That in recent years she has been able to demonstrate, through ups and downs, that […]

Gender fluid icons: him in a skirt and she in a turtleneck sweater

Lthe sum of their two years does not reach thirty-eight, yet they seem to have already introjected the three fundamental keys of living: simplicity, frankness, freedom. Madame and Sangiovanni plow the red carpet of the film dedicated to Caterina Caselli (their mentor) at the Rome Film Fest with the flames in the eyes typical of […]

Elegant like Angelina Jolie? You can, here’s how …

T.Neutral onality, full skirt or sheath dress, trousers with pleats, tailored overcoats (especially camel-colored). The day looks by Angelina Jolie they are the quintessence of lady like style contemporary. With a few classic elements in a modern way, which alternate cyclically in each season in a sophisticated waltz and without ever a fall in style. […]

Adele is back and shows herself in all her confidence. The last appearance of the star? At the opening of the NBA season in Los Angeles. The chosen look, sensual and entirely signed by Louis Vuitton

.video-js .vjs-tech {height: auto} TOdele and body shaming, Adele and the difficulties after divorce, Adele more beautiful and self-confident than ever. And then: Adele splendid face on the cover, Adele and the growth of her son Angelo, Adele and the no to advertising on diets. It is a collective obsession and the conjectures on Adele’s […]

With her you never get bored!

R.eality star, businesswoman, affectionate mother, star of international gossip, Kim Kardashian is the American style influencer par excellence. But above all from today, on her 41st birthday, she officially enters the realm of fashion icon overs. We see her most beautiful looks, at least so far. Kim Kardashian’s style look at the pictures Read also […]

There is a similarity between mother and daughter: in common Salma Hayek and Valentina have long and shiny hair, a fine nose, long eyelashes and a passion for beautiful dresses

No.the highly anticipated Eternals, the new Marvel film presented in Los Angeles with a parterre of important stars (from November 1st to theaters), Salma Hayek plays a super heroine with a very vibrant persuasive force. Perhaps because this is how the Mexican actress makes herself known and recognized – also and above all – off […]

Angelia Jolie returns to the red carpet with all her children strictly ton sur ton. And for Zahara the dress she wore at the Oscars

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Emma Watson at the Earthshot Prize Awards confirmed her passion for promoting totally sustainable clothing on the red carpet. Even as a bride

B.Admittedly, if we talk about sustainability this Monday, it’s all about Kate and William that last night, during the ceremony of the Earthshot Prize Awards, designed and desired by Elizabeth II’s nephew, they set an almost perfect shot. const videoEmbedInView_616db81cd7f6a = () => {// let videoEmbeds = document.querySelectorAll (‘. player_single_video_component’)[0]; let videoEmbeds = document.getElementById (“player_video_component_616db81cd7f6a”). […]