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Month: November 2019

Diane Kruger is the touch of the week

Touch of class 2019 by Giusi Ferré browse the gallery D IANE KRUGER For how many movies this sophisticated Nordic beauty (43 years) can shoot, its fame is linked to the colossal [19659005] Troy and the apocalyptic Inglourious Basterds by Quentin Tarantino. Unforgettable in the role of the double-agent Bridget Von Hammersmark, he gave a […]

Foods for healthy eyes: 10 foods that are good for the eyes

Continuation exposed to weather, pollutants and especially ultraviolet rays, eye ​​is a particularly delicate organ. Among other things, the only real way we have to treat and protect him, beyond the use of glasses, is to provide him with all the necessary elements to cope with the heavy load of diet oxidizers he has to […]

AIDS: an almost normal life today, healing tomorrow

From a death sentence to a normal life. Almost. If we were to tell almost 40 years of fighting HIV in a few words, we could summarize it this way. Much has changed since the mid-nineties, with the arrival of antiretroviral drugs, those that manage to block the virus by breaking down its mechanism of […]

Vasco Rossi idol of three generations

Or you hate it. Or you love. Vasco is so . All or nothing. You can't appreciate it if you don't also share the emotions that come from his songs. And you can't not appreciate it because we challenge anyone to not have sung one of his songs at least once in their life. Vasco's […]

I, infected by my ex HIV positive

He has decided to speak and denounce, Romina. She came out of the shadows to tell who is the man who changed her life forever, to make people aware of the dangers of HIV, to witness the importance of adequate care. He did this by sitting a few months ago in the Porta a Porta […]

How beautiful are the little women of Greta Gerwig

It will arrive in America on Christmas day, but it has already convinced most of the critics who have seen it in preview. Let's talk about the adaptation of Little women directed by 36-year-old Greta Gerwig actress and director who in 2018 received five Oscar nominations with Lady Bird . In Italy we should wait […]