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Month: December 2019

The worst looks from the red carpets (but not only) of 2019

2019: a year of bankruptcy star looks browse the gallery Provare schadenfreudethat is, the “pleasure caused by the misfortune of others” as defined by the German term, would bring – indeed it does bring – a nefarious karma. Wisdom says it, and a second season character also says it You, tv series of Netflix just […]

The 10 most empowering women of 2019

Brave, bold, counter-trend, innovative, strong, passionate, sometimes too attacked and severely criticized, surely women with a capital D. 10 are the examples of women empowerment who marked the 2019 and we list them below. Vanessa Incontrada Targeted for years for its physical appearance, changed over time after taking a few pounds, promotes one natural beauty, […]