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Month: February 2020

World Bear Day, because saving them means saving us

In New York there are 7 degrees, in Rome 12. Beyond the 80th parallel, at the North Pole, only 5 below zero. Twenty degrees too much, according to Cnr data. In these days of “Virus Crown Fever”, Arctic fever – which has caused the loss of 30 percent of the ice in the last quarter […]

Personality test: can you stay calm?

Maybe we all think and hope to be tendentially calm and controlled people, but very little is needed for prove to ourselves that no: it is not entirely so. Recent events have shown that the control of one’s impulses is not obvious, especially in real emergency situations. So are you a person who can keep […]

Jennifer Lopez is the touch of class of the week

Touch of class 2020 by Giusi Ferré browse the gallery JENNIFER LOPEZ We will talk a lot about his show at the last Super Bowl, the most popular sporting event in the US. Culminated with a Waka Waka sung and danced with Shakira. An explosion of energy and sensuality of this beautiful girl who makes […]

Meghan Markle, the Queen’s gesture for Harry

There Queen Elizabeth has honored his nephew Harry and his commitment to charity. He did it during the traditional Changing of the Guard at Buckingham Palace, making the band play the song Living on a Prayer. The reference is to the recent meeting between Carlo’s second son and Jon Bon Jovi. On Friday 28 February, […]