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Month: January 2021

Bright and delicate pink makeup

For those who love colors but don’t want to overdo it, here is the tutorial of an old pink, blush and mauve makeup, easy and fast to create because made with two eyeshadows. A few brushes and five minutes are enough to create a pink makeup for green, blue or brown eyes, to be made […]

Shortcrust pastry Naples

There shortcrust pastry Naples it is a typical basic recipe, of course, of my part, or of the Campania cuisine. It is a dough for shortcrust pastry with almonds. Yes, the peculiarity of this recipe is given by the replacement of part of the flour with almond flour. This shortcrust pastry, usually flavored with orange […]

Sarah Jessica Parker is the touch of class of the week

A touch of class 2021 by Giusi Ferré look at the pictures S.ARAH JESSICA PARKER There are roles that become the actress who plays them. Although, according to her husband Matthew Broderick, “Sarah didn’t want to be involved in such a long series.” window.eventDFPready? googletag.cmd.push (function () {googletag.display (“rcsad_Bottom1”)}): document.addEventListener (“eventDFPready”, function (o) {googletag.cmd.push (function […]

Pancarré with rocket

The rocket bread is an easy-to-make, flavorful and versatile leavened product I’ve seen here. You can use it to accompany a plate of meats and cheeses, to prepare a toast, for canapes with hummus … or even eat it alone. In short, in just over 2 hours you will have a rocket bread ready, hot […]

Banana Peel: Sarah Jessica Parker. His style slides in 4 looks

Banana peel 2021 by Giusi Ferré look at the pictures S.ARAH JESSICA PARKER There are those who love her, recognizing her as an almost sister and reflecting themselves in Sex and the City. And who hates it, for exactly the same reason. window.eventDFPready? googletag.cmd.push (function () {googletag.display (“rcsad_Bottom1”)}): document.addEventListener (“eventDFPready”, function (o) {googletag.cmd.push (function () […]

Valentine’s Day phrases: the most beautiful love phrases to dedicate to your sweetheart!

Let’s be honest: who does not like to receive a love phrase as a dedication? And what better time if not Valentine’s day to let the person who fills your eyes with hearts (and your stomach with butterflies) know how much you care about her? Of course, the possibilities of phrases for Valentine’s Day are […]

Carrot and chocolate cake

There carrot and chocolate cake it is a dessert that I had never tried before. Carrot cake is a classic, and I had tried it in various versions (spicy, with almonds …), but in fact I still missed the combination with chocolate. I must say that it deserves, the pieces of half-melted chocolate give the […]