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Day: 13 January 2021

Dry hands: causes and remedies

In addition to the face, the hands they are the part of the body that is most exposed to atmospheric agents and this causes a series of damage, especially during the winter season. In this regard, it is essential to learn a protect them, both through the use of a pair of gloves, and with […]

Crumbled pandoro

There crumbled pandoro it’s a fantastic one recycling idea. After the holidays we almost always find ourselves with leftovers of pandoro and panettone that we don’t know how to dispose of. Here, one of the possible ideas is this crumbled pandoro, which also opens up to many possible variations of filling, such as ricotta and […]

Eyebrow dermopigmentation: what you need to know about treatment

There dermopigmentation of the eyebrows as well as the microblading are techniques that allow you to go to correcting undefined and sparse eyebrows, proving very useful for all those people who have exaggerated with the tweezers and find themselves without shape eyebrows. Before seeing how dermopigmentation works and answering all the most common questions, we […]