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Month: February 2021

Cinnamon roll pancake

THE cinnamon roll pancake they are one of the nicest and tastiest breakfasts I have prepared in recent times. With Campania orange again, we need to make the most of the time spent at home, and I know that soon at least the first part of the morning I will know how to pass it […]

Zendaya is the touch of class of the week

A touch of class 2021 by Giusi Ferré look at the pictures ZENDAYA Her full name is Zendaya Maree Stoermer Coleman. After Euphoria, for which she won the Emmy for Best Actress in a Drama Series, has reached the figure of 86 million followers, enchanted as a girl with Disney sitcoms, as a young woman […]

Stuffed sandwiches

THE stuffed sandwiches they are an idea for a different dinner than usual, or a delicious appetizer, also depending on the size you choose to make. The peculiarity of the recipe, in reality, lies in the cooking, because the sandwiches are first boiled and then baked in the oven: the result is a soft and […]

Banana peel: Zendaya. His style slides in 4 looks

Banana peel 2021 by Giusi Ferré look at the pictures ZENDAYA If you remember the advertisement where Zendaya rode, no one knows why, on the rough roads of a metropolis that led somehow into the mountains, it is better to forget it. And also forget some incomprehensible evening suits. window.eventDFPready? googletag.cmd.push (function () {googletag.display (“rcsad_Bottom1”)}): […]

It’s easy to put on eyeliner if you know how to do it

UOnce you have learned the method, you never forget it. And the hand becomes firmer than you expect. Read here to discover our tricks to apply eyeliner quickly and easily Thin, thick, elongated, cat woman-like lines, graphics: whatever effect you create of a result you can be sure: eyeliner gives intensity, definition and mystery to […]

Molasses cake

There molasses cake it is a traditional recipe of English cuisine and (perhaps not everyone will know) Harry Potter’s favorite dessert 😉 Considering that there are both sugar and molasses, the cake turns out to be quite sweet, so if you are among those who prefer not very sweet sweets … change recipe 😉 If […]

The unforgettable moments of the stars on the catwalk

ISIt is a sui generis fashion season. But the autumn winter 2021/22 fashion shows could also prove to be unforgettable. They go on stage during this strange fashion month: behind closed doors, but open to all, broadcast live on the channels of the fashion houses or in the form of videos and images packaged ad […]

Pasta with almonds and sausage

There pasta with almonds and sausage it is a rich dish with unexpected textures, but very quick to prepare and very tasty. To do this I prepared a kind of almond pesto fast fast (great idea for other recipes too!). You can vary a bit, perhaps by adding thyme, pepper or zucchini: don’t worry, it […]

New Yves Rocher Biphasic Regenerating Night Serum | Review

Un new ally to fight the signs of age while you sleep (wrinkles, sagging, loss of elasticity). Its power? It’s all in the plant buds, from which the innovative skin-regenerating active ingredient is extracted During the night the skin cells regenerate themselves incessantly to repair the damage suffered during the day. This is, therefore, the […]