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Month: March 2021

Onion bread

The onion bread it’s illegal stuff. Really, eh: if you are an onion lover like me, you must absolutely try it, if you are not … better leave the house while someone is cooking it, because the intoxicating scent will spread far beyond the kitchen 😉 If you cook it well in a pan, first […]

Beef in oil

The beef in oil it is an ancient recipe from Brescia (specifically from the Rovato area, I think) that I did not know but which I found absolutely amazing. I don’t want my Lombard friends if you have different recipes: as always, I tried to find out online, and I ended up simply choosing the […]

Happy birthday Céline Dion! All her best looks

No.None more than Céline Dion knows how to interpret fashion and its changes over time regardless of age. They say it today, that turns 53, even his outfits this year of quarantines and restrictions. His every style choice is the tell a little story, that of the evolution of her career and of the brands […]

Muffin dove

THE dove muffin they are a different but nice and tasty idea to bring an Easter-themed sweet to the table without too much work. So if you don’t have time or desire to prepare the classic colomba, you might think instead of preparing these delicious ones dove muffin, which I find really adorable. In 20 […]