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Month: April 2021

How to eliminate cellulite from the buttocks: targeted remedies, products and exercises

No.weren’t you satisfied with your B-side? Would you like it taller or harder? Read the strategies to succeed, without forgetting the number one enemy of many women: cellulite In addition to “holes”, the skin of the buttocks may be not very toned. Hence, the need to combat both the tendency to cellulite and to sagging. […]

Baked pasta with bechamel and feta cheese

There baked pasta with bechamel and feta cheese it is an amazing first course. Baked pasta tends to be a dish for the cold season, but for me feta is summer immediately, so in my opinion this dish can be good in all seasons, if you don’t mind turning on the oven. The recipe is […]

Olive oil plumcake

The plumcake with olive oil is a recipe for the great Iginio Massari. Being the recipe of a real pastry chef, the doses are all in grams, but I have tried to give you some general indications. One small problem: you must have a heat-resistant bowl to prepare the dough. The result is a very […]