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Month: July 2021

Waxing pain: 5 effective tips to feel less pain

QWhen the time comes for waxing, whether on the legs or in the groin area, a little fear always invades, honestly: who wants to feel bad? To avoid suffering too much, we have found some really useful tips, to withstand the moment of the tear more. Waxing: how to feel less bad? When the fateful […]

Pasta and potatoes with clams

There pasta and potatoes with clams is a simplified variant of my friend Davide’s pasta and sea potatoes. The procedure is a bit long, because between cleaning the clams and cooking the potatoes inevitably you lose some time, but I assure you that if you are a lover of the genre it will be worth […]

Solar redness and skin irritation: here’s what to do

Qhen, after the sun, the skin is very red, the number 1 fear is that you have taken a good sunburn. Sometimes, however, it can be a simple redness or irritation. Find out how to spot the differences and related remedies Are they just redness or the signs of a sunburn? This is the main […]

Five Minute Summer Colorful Makeup Tutorial

Summer is synonymous with color, in clothing as well as in makeup. But often the color on the eyes is scary, because making up seems to become a long and difficult thing. Not so and, to accomplish a summer colorful makeup, they are enough five minutes. For this tutorial I used the new palette Un-Connected […]

Salty pepper biscuits

THE savory pepperoni biscuits they are a delicious idea for a delicious and decidedly different appetizer. It is a recipe of savory shortbread biscuits, however, flavored with peppers, bacon and aromatic herbs. In this case I used basil, but you can use parsley, thyme, marjoram, chives… you see! Whether it’s for a buffet aperitif or […]

Plum jam

There plum jam it is one of those homemade preparations that, in summer, never fail. Plums, or plums if you prefer, are among those summer fruits that never fail to surprise me for their sweet and fresh taste together. In this case I used yellow plums, but red ones are fine too, la jam it […]