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Month: August 2021

Meatballs with onions

The meatballs with onions they are a delight, but they are not for the sensitive of stomach. If you don’t like onion or don’t digest it, raise your hand and move on. If you like it as much as I do, don’t miss this recipe! Do you know the classic bread balls? Here, imagine such […]

Makeup for those who wear glasses: here’s how

How to make up your eyes if you wear glasses? Assume the same make-up is fine for lens wearers and who is not is a small error of assessment not to be made. In addition to the more or less thick frame, even the lenses of the glasses themselves can change the perception of make-up […]

Make up on vacation: the mistakes you need to avoid

R.give up make-up in the summer? It is not absolutely necessary, indeed! Green light in bright colors and experiments. The important thing is to pay attention to the colors and products used, because our skin is different this season and requires a different make-up than the one we make during the colder months. Discover the […]

Nail masks: tricks for perfect application

Land nail masks are valid products that help you keep your hands always in order, giving yourself a special pampering. Discover the tricks to follow to get valid results! The healthy nails, strong And take care of I’m the everyone’s dream, because they immediately catch the eye when we talk to someone. Many think that […]

Cheesecake with figs and macaroons

There cheesecake with figs and macaroons it is a fresh and deliciously tasty dessert, perfect for the summer period. When the figs begin to ripen between July and August, many make a real feast of them because, let’s face it, they are so sugary that it is like eating a small sweet every time. Towards […]

How to prevent blonde hair from turning yellow?

ANDstate, desire of brightness and to show off some screaming blonde hair! Unless they turn yellow. Here, then, are some simple tips to prevent your hair from suffering the classic (and feared) canary effect. If you too are one of those whose motto is “there is no summer without blond“Then it is important that your […]

Sign of Leo: how do you approach the beauty routine?

S.and you were born under the sign of Leo you are a strong, vain girl and you love exclusivity. This is why your beauty routine always tries to aim for excellence. The sign of Leo, which belongs to those born between July 23 and August 23, is one of the strongest in the entire zodiac, […]