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Month: September 2021

Libra sign: beauty mistakes to avoid

TO each zodiac sign corresponds to colors and make-up styles much more suitable than others: let’s see which ones are for Libra! Each zodiac sign has its own lucky color, which can be used both for outfits and for make-up. These nuances give a propitious destiny, in tune with oneself and with others. Therefore, if […]

Arms and beauty: how to tone them and train them best

P.Do you think toning your arms is a mission impossible? Not so, you just need to know how to do it. Here’s where you can start and what simple steps to introduce into your health and beauty routine. Regardless of the wonderful physicality of each of us, keeping the body healthy through movement is a […]

Long, shiny hair in the fall: 10 things that make them stronger

THE Long hair in autumn can be dull and brittle but by following these rules you will be able to regain their lost shine in a short time. If you are a summer girl you will think that summer is the most beautiful season of all. But most likely yours hair they will not agree […]

Spiral savory pie with grapes

There salty spiral pie with grapes it is a delicious rustic, with a slightly sweet and sour taste. I’m not new to combining fruit with savory recipes, from salads to main courses. Since we are in full grape season, I thought of adding it to some recipes again this year, and after proposing sweet and […]

Monica Bellucci, 57 years of world-class style. All her unforgettable looks

T.among the divas who carry the Italian flag high in the world, Monica Bellucci it is undoubtedly one of the most loved for its elegance and the style of a champion, today it performs 57 years old and her looks from yesterday and today, from exquisitely Mediterranean refined mood, are more current than ever. Monica […]

How to hydrate the skin from the inside with specific supplements

D.After the summer or if you feel fatigued, it is useful to follow a course of supplements for the skin. To regain turgor and brightness From a’proper hydration 80% of the quality of the skin depends. If the “water tank” of the dermis is in reserve, the skin loses brightness and, to the touch, becomes […]

Parade of stars at the Dior and Saint Laurent fashion shows, in addition to the increasingly beautiful Deva also the daughter of Jude Law and Catherine Deneuve

Lexpectation was great and now we are. There French fashion week has begun and, with the fashion shows live again, even the most chic and elegant celebrities are returning to the Ville Lumière. Paris Fashion Week s / s 2022 dances open Dior And Saint Laurent with their respective front row crowded with international stars. […]

Classic everyday makeup with matte and neutral colors

Nude and matte tones and shaded eyeliner, here are the ingredients of this makeup tutorial to create a classic everyday makeup, for school or work, to be worn during the day or in the evening, perhaps combining a red lipstick and replacing it with nude. To make it I used the collection Super Nudes from […]

Spaghetti with emulsified tomato

The spaghetti with emulsified tomato for me they were a real revelation. I don’t want to say that I will no longer eat a normal plate of fresh tomato pasta, but only that it is a recipe that absolutely must be tried, without ifs and buts. If I am not mistaken, the recipe is by […]

Products and tips to make hair grow fast

THE miracles do not exist, but valid little helpers do. If used consistently they give a few more millimeters and thicker and thicker hair A wrong cut or too short, and here the question “how to grow hair fast” is in your head. There will be some magical product that will lengthen your hair within […]