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Month: October 2021

Pumpkin spice latte

The pumpkin spice latte (which is a kind of spiced pumpkin latte) is a very famous drink, especially in autumn, which spread from about fifteen years ago. Offered for the first time by Starbucks, given immediate success on pumpkin spice latte it was then taken over by other coffee shops as well. The original recipe […]

Purple anti-yellow shampoo for blonde hair: what it is and how to use it

The purple shampoo has now become a must have product for those who have chosen to venture into the world of blond hair. This product, often in the form of a mask or conditioner, works on yellow pigments that emerge from cooler blondes, white and silver hair. What is purple shampoo Characterized by one color […]

How to wear makeup on Halloween? Easy tutorials for everyone

M.hips less and less at the scariest night of the year. For this Halloween 2021 you amaze everyone with a truly monstrous look, how? Dressing up as characters from movies and TV series … in a super dark version! Halloween beauty look: the looks to be inspired Do you want to impress your friends with […]

Pineapple pancakes

THE pineapple pancakes they are an idea as simple as it is brilliant, and they are also easy to do. They might seem like somewhere in between with a pancake, because in the end it involves cooking 1 slice of pineapple in syrup with a little pancake batter … anyway the result is really delicious, […]

what it is, how it works and how to remove it

When it comes to manicures, there are so many products and solutions, especially for weaker nails. Between acrylic, gel, acrygel and semi-permanent, today the reinforced semi-permanent. Also called semi-permanent with reinforcement or semigel, this manicure is ideal for those who want a result long-lasting, elastic and for nails always in order. What is the reinforced […]

Even Fanny Ardant can slip on a banana peel

Banana peel 2021 by Giusi Ferré look at the pictures F.ANNY ARDANT Actress symbol of a certain committed cinema, this beloved diva is also a symbol of a powerful yet fragile charisma, of an intense and nervous beauty that is irresistibly French like her way of dressing. window.eventDFPready? googletag.cmd.push (function () {googletag.display (“rcsad_Bottom1”)}): document.addEventListener (“eventDFPready”, […]

Hair heat protector for straighteners, the best and all the info to use them

P.it rotates, disciplines, shapes and fights frizz: these are the main functions of the thermal protector. If included in the hair routine, it is able to change the appearance of the hair, as it prevents it from becoming damaged Hair dryer, straightener, curling iron and straightening brush: all these stylers generate heat that can stress […]