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Month: November 2021

Christmas Makeup Soft Christmas Makeup With Glitter

December has arrived, the streets are colored with lights and decorations as well as the houses, let’s take out the Christmas sweaters and get ready to create a perfect soft and elegant Christmas makeup. A natural Christmas makeup but enriched with a special and bright touch: red and gold glitter that make the make-up brilliant, […]

French braid: the looks to try (with the best tutorials)

Lbraid is a trend that knows no season but the look of the moment wants the hairstyle enriched by a French braid (simple, alone, double or soft). Here are the tips, ideas and the best tutorials to do it better The hair trend that knows no season: the Braid. Classic, herringbone, crown, there are many […]

Risotto with four cheeses

The risotto with four cheeses it is an easy to make first course, rich, creamy and stringy. After the pasta, the savory pie and even the muffins, I thought I’d try the 4-cheese version of the risotto: at this point I just need the pizza, which I imagine will be the next step 😉 I […]

Eyelash treatment: here’s what to do in the salon and at home

C.he is summer or winter, le eyelashes they always need extra pampering. Not just mascara: to emphasize and strengthen them there are treatments – from do at home or in the salon – able to make a difference. Find out by reading this article. The eyelash treatment par excellence: lamination It is the most requested […]

Groin waxing: the types and how to choose the right one

Lgroin is the most complex and difficult of the parts of the body to be depilated. But with a little care and the correct advice, wax your groin it will no longer be a problem, even alone! Among the parts of the body to be depilated it is undoubtedly the most complex and difficult one. […]

Gel reconstruction, nails break: is this normal?

P.why many times, after the gel reconstruction, the nails break and are more fragile? Let’s try to find out the causes and how to solve them, to show off nails in perfect health and a manicure that is always at the top Beautiful, strong, shiny and with trendy glazes and shapes that never make you […]