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Month: December 2021

Homemade lip scrub for dry and plumping lips

P.er a real one beauty addicted, there is nothing worse than having lips that are dry, chapped and full of cuticles. A fatal combination, which makes it difficult to apply any type of lipstick well, as well as giving an annoying feeling of tight lips. The solution? A lip scrub, to be prepared at home […]

French bob: what a short bob is and who is it good for

C.he the helmet is the coolest cut in recent years is clear, therefore, the only thing left to figure out how to make it more chic. The solution is à la française. It’s called French Bob and it’s the short, fringed haircut that really flatters all faces. He’s saucy, gritty and tremendously trendy: the French […]

Caviar risotto

The risotto with caviar it is a refined recipe and probably not suitable for everyone, but given the success of the caviar pasta recipe a few days ago, I thought you might like a variation on the theme. So here is a simple risotto to make but with a refined taste, a dish that is […]

Best makeup products 2021 to use also in 2022

In 2021 I had the opportunity to try really many makeup products but, as every year, there are always some that I use for months and months, that conquer me, that I finish and even buy again despite having many others of the same type but of different brand. There are products that you can […]

Side braid: how to make it French, sideways and on loose hair

Braids always have a special charm. After all, they are the favorite hairstyle of (almost) all little girls and it could not be otherwise. The effect is jaunty and casual, but also romantic and, on occasion, a little gipsy. The braided hairstyle to try? The side braid. Prepare a brush, comb, rubber bands, hairspray and […]

Pasta with scallops

There pasta with scallops it is a perfect recipe for the holiday season and in particular I find it very suitable for the New Year’s Eve dinner. The preparation is extremely simple and fast and the result of sure effect. The combination of scallops with lard or bacon, then, shouts guaranteed success! In short, if […]

5 Oscars for the most fashionable of 2021

THE2021 has now come to an end, not without twists. Also it was an important year for the fashion system, which revived the excitement of the red carpet and allowed beautiful haute couture dresses to be worn by the stars. The outfits and style icons they have left behind there have been many signs, but […]