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Day: 4 December 2021

Why do mud in the winter?

THE muds are a beauty treatment often associated with the spring period but the reasons for considering them also in winter are different THE sludge I’m a natural treatment whose primary action is fight cellulite and water retention and make your legs and abdomen feel much lighter. We often think of them in the first […]

Zeppole of the Immaculate Conception

The donuts of the Immaculate Conception they are pancakes leavened dough sweets that are prepared in some areas of Campania (in particular in Castellammare di Stabia) in the period from the end of November to Christmas. The dough is very simple to prepare, and after frying the zeppole they are dipped in a honey glaze […]

The wrong looks of the actress commented by Giusi Ferré: languid and in search of balance, comfortable in a suit, bubbling between ruffles and ruffles and (stylistically) messed up

Banana peel 2021 by Giusi Ferré look at the pictures D.REW BARRYMORE There is little use nowadays of this definition – hippie – but there is an attitude, there is an apparent carelessness, there is a deliberate confusion of the rules that brings us back to the rebellion of those moments. But Drew Barrymore likes […]

Shock face treatments: products that improve the skin

S.i use 1-2 times a year or even more, depending on the needs of the skin. Thanks to the high concentration of active ingredients, the shock treatments regenerate the epidermis showing a radiant face Do you look in the mirror and always see yourself tired? Do not worry: there are facial treatments to be used […]

Haircuts for winter 2021-2022: the most beautiful ever

V.need a new look? Here are the most trendy haircuts and from which to take inspiration in this winter 2021-2022. To show off a hair style full of originality, elegance and beauty. Short, long, scaled, wavy. To each his (or hers) haircuts, but which are the trendiest ones for this autumn-winter? Certainly those that leave […]