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Month: January 2022

Makeup tutorial in warm bronze and copper colors

If you are looking for a tutorial to make a makeup tones hot, quick and easy makeup do not miss this. A single palette, a mix of opaque colors in the crease and metallic on the eyelid, very bright that almost seem like molten metal. A thin line of eyeliner made with eyeshadow to give […]

Nails 2022: the trends between colors, shapes and nail art

S.ulle nails of 2022 there will be new trends and fashions that will make manicures unique thanks to colors, shapes and nail art that will amaze anyone. Get ready to discover them with us. With the start of the new year comes the time to focus on trends and on fashion dedicated to nails of […]

The dream dresses "in progress" in the history of the Festival

TOdue to the start of the 2022 Festival, while the hypotheses about who will wear what go crazy, let’s retrace the look of Sanremo most beautiful of the co-hosts from the first editions to the present day. From Lorella Cuccarini in Valentino to Ferilli in Dolce & Gabbana, up to Eva Herzigova in Versace and […]

Castella cake

There Castella cake (or Castella cake), or Japanese sponge cake (in original language: kasutera), is, as you may have understood, a dessert originating from the gastronomy of Japan. A little curiosity: it seems that the name derives from the Portuguese pão de Castela (ie: Castile bread) as it seems that in reality the recipe was […]

Woman shaved hair cut buzz cut: what you need to know

THE woman shaved hairor buzz cut or zero cut woman it is a type of cut that we could define extreme, precisely because it is a question of opting for one woman shaved head, with hair of just a few millimeters. Of military inspiration, it has now become a real fashion cut thanks also to […]

White ragout

The white ragout is a kind of tomato-free version of Bolognese sauce (which is why it is sometimes also called white bolognese). It is an ideal condiment both for a nice plate of homemade pappardelle or tagliatelle, and for a lady lasagna! Of course, also for the white ragù there are countless versions around Italy […]

The actress’s wrong looks: undecided between grand evening and miniskirt, indefinable and very yellow, confusingly asymmetrical, patriotic

Banana peel 2022 by Giusi Ferré look at the pictures LILY COLLINS Everyone loves her, especially her producers also because in the series Emily in Paris had managed to total 58 million viewers in the first month of debut. window.eventDFPready? googletag.cmd.push (function () {googletag.display (“rcsad_Bottom1”)}): document.addEventListener (“eventDFPready”, function (o) {googletag.cmd.push (function () {googletag. display (“rcsad_Bottom1”)})},! […]

Wholemeal waffles

THE wholemeal waffles they are a delicious but also light recipe, ideal for those who want to have breakfast with taste but without exaggerating. Few, very simple ingredients that will allow you to obtain tasty waffles, soft inside and with a light crust on the outside, but also perfect for a balanced meal. I served […]