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Month: March 2022

Everything you need to know to use the SPF correctly

La cream with SPF you put on every day? But before or after the moisturizer? And then it limits the absorption of Vitamin D? The answer to these and other questions in ours Using the SPF regularly is the first step to securing one in the future beautiful skin, even if now the wrinkles seem […]

Milky white nails: the trendy manicure

D.elicate, light and super elegant: milky white nails will win you over at first glance both in their simplest version and paired with nail art and colors. Here are the coolest ideas. The milky white nails they are ready to become the new trend loved and worn by everyone. Similar to nude manicures, but with […]

Short haircuts spring summer 2022: the looks to copy

AND time to fix the cut? See what the summer trends propose for short hair. Get ready to ask for a “rounded” cut that is not too frayed. Find out the rest in the photos! Whether they are part of your usual look or a hypothetical change of image, short hair undoubtedly exudes a great […]

Spinach in a pan

The spinach in a pan they are an underrated side dish in my opinion. Most of the time they prepare boiled spinach with salads or those with butter … never anyone who thinks of sautéing them in a pan, a bit like you do with broccoli, yet I assure you that they are delicious! Among […]

Sage green and bright pink gradient makeup

Camilla Cantini Makeup artist, beauty editor, content creator Makeup Artist, Beauty Editor and Content Creator, Camilla has a 360 ° vision of the beauty world: as an insider and as a passionate, as an expert and as a consumer.

Potatoes in a pan

The pan-fried potatoes they are one of the most loved side dishes of all, by young and old. There are those who flavor them with aromas for roasts, those with thyme, those with a homemade mix of spices … Everyone has their own perfect recipe, but as you know in this blog I try to […]

DIY recipes to say goodbye to blackheads

All about blackheads Blackheads are skin blemishes very common among young people and not only. How are blackheads formed? These skin impurities derive from an accumulation of sebum and keratin, to which microorganisms can be added, inside the hair follicles. From this process the white points are born: when these white points dilate, their content […]

Fedora cake

There Fedora cake is an ancient recipe of the Sicilian gastronomic tradition. It is a sponge cake stuffed with cassata cream (the classic ricotta cream with chocolate chips, to which you, if you want, can also add candied fruit) and decorated with a cascade of almonds and pistachios. An easy to make but absolutely delicious […]

here are the essential products for your body

Ready for the summer? If you have already put the wardrobe change on your agenda, don’t forget to renew your skin too. After the long cold months, dryness, redness, a richer diet and a normally more sedentary lifestyle, it is time to flourish again. A balanced diet, daily movement and the right cosmetic allies will […]