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We tried 5 fresh and inviting recipes with Nonno Nanni

Summer: the sea, walks and long sunny days. Of course, after a while we get a little peckish but fortunately Nonno Nanni proposed us to try two very fresh cheeses and we, who are always happy to help when it comes to food, tasted Squaquerello and Fresco Spalmabile in 5 fresh and light recipes and we can say that we love them!

The quality of Nonno Nanni products

Grandfather Nanni is a family business where the ancient art of cheese making is the secret that has been handed down for generations to produce fresh cheeses of excellent quality every day.
The genuine taste and goodness of their products are the fruit of 100% Italian fresh milk, a scrupulous choice of lactic ferments and years of experience.

The Squaquerello

© Nonno Nanni

With its sweet and enveloping taste and its extreme softness and creaminess, it is Squaquerello it is one of the most popular products of the Nonno Nanni family.
It is a tasty soft fresh table cheese, without preservatives, made with pasteurized cow’s milk and live lactic ferments.
Furthermore, Squaquerello is rich in football and is the source of Vitamin A and B12.

Fresh cheeses are also a source of antioxidants, vitamins A, E, D3, linoleic acid, carotenoids and enzymes that fight aging.
According to some researches, a balanced consumption of dairy products can be an ally for a better sleep, thanks to the presence of calcium and tryptophan that make us less nervous. promoting mood and, therefore, rest.

Nonno Nanni Squaquerello is available at the deli counter, packaged by hand, in the 250g format or on the refrigerated counter in the practical flow-pack format with 125g and 250g internal tray.

3 delicious recipes with Squaquerello:

© Nonno Nanni
  • In the piadina with rocket and tomatoes: for a quick and tasty dinner, perfect to share with friends.
  • On pizza with yellow datterini tomatoes and rocket: a creamy alternative to mozzarella. A crunchy and sweet dish contrasted by the spiciness of the rocket.
  • In the cold pasta with diced ham and peas: tasty alternative to the classic farfalle with cream. Highly recommended for the sweet tooth;)

The Fresco Spalmabile

© Nonno Nanni

A fresh and soft cheese with an irresistible creaminess, characterized by a lively but delicate taste, made with only 100% Italian milk. A favorite of consumers for its ease of use.
Non-preservative and gluten-free, Nonno Nanni Fresco Spalmabile is particularly suitable for the needs of those who adopt one vegetarian diet, because without rennet of animal origin and made with i best ingredients.

Fresco Spalmabile also contains high biological value proteins and the lactic ferments are selected with care and wisdom. It is also an extremely versatile product in the kitchen, it is good for sweet and savory dishes: from appetizers to desserts.

Nonno Nanni Fresco Spalmabile is available at the refrigerated counter in a convenient and practical 150g resealable freshness-saving tray, or in the practical format in two 75gx2 blocks and in a pack of 4 40g mono-portions.
A version is also available Lactose-free and the Fresco Spalmabile Lightweight with 50% less fat compared to the classic version.

2 quick and delicious recipes with Fresco Spalmabile:

© Nonno Nanni
  • On the cereal bread bruschetta with prawns and avocado: easy recipe to make in a few minutes for a light lunch with all the trimmings!
  • On the pancakes with peaches: how to enhance seasonal fruit and start the day on the right foot!

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