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What to do on the weekend for two: 28 fun activities to enjoy your free time as a couple!

Even if you are one couple for a long time, this does not mean that you have to spend your evenings and weekends indoors, in front of the TV. There are many ideas to spend time as a couple, especially on weekends, when the time at your disposal is greater.

Below you can find 28 activities to do on the weekend to experience the couple in a fun and alternative way and rediscover the complicity of the beginnings. Before discovering them, we suggest some useful advice to manage any moments of crisis or misunderstanding, which can often happen in the life of two, especially after a long time.

1. Make a portrait of each other

On winter days, when you are forced to stay indoors due to a gloomy day, why not dedicate yourself to painting? Make a portrait of yourself, even if you are not a skilled artist; let yourself be inspired by your most creative part and express your personality by recreating the face of the beloved. You will be surprised to discover yourself through your partner’s eyes and pencil.

2. Try a new sport

How about trying climbing? Or dance wild Lindy Hop? Or brush up on your bike and explore the green spaces in your area? The best thing is to choose a sport that you both love and have never played.

3. Eating in the dark

An experience that enhances the other senses and introduces us to new sensations. Try it together, it will give you satisfaction and a new way of perceiving apparently trivial and everyday actions.

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4. Go dancing

Often this activity is avoided if you find yourself alone with your partner; but why not try a tête-à-tête in too dance club with your partner? Have fun together, perhaps flirting like you were on a first date.

5. Take a night walk

Why go out into nature only when the sun is shining? A beautiful night walk it’s extremely romantic, so why don’t you go for a walk in the moonlight?

6. Go to the funfair

Go back to being a bit of a child, perhaps by going to a playground. Let your most uninhibited and childish part express and enjoy the moment, without worrying too much about the looks of others.

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7. Go to the kennel

Why not do good? Go to the kennel in your city and take two dogs for a walk: you will live a very sweet and loving experience. And why not, maybe you could even take them home and expand your family!

8. Travel

Take a bag and a few clothes and spend the weekend out. Also choose a nearby destination, not too demanding, but visit, be curious, enjoy the beauty that is around you. Your union will also benefit.

9. Paint your apartment

If the walls of your home need to be refreshed, take the opportunity to paint them in a different color, which gives character and personality to your home. Choose the color together and dedicate yourself to the company: you will spend some challenging but fun days!

10. Make ice cream

Indulge in a new dining experience. For example, you could try your hand at making ice cream! Or a sweet or savory recipe you’ve been wanting to try for some time. The passion for food will unite you even more and will allow you to spend pleasant hours.

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11. Go wild with the camera

Take treacherous photos of your partner. Unleash your creativity and capture happy moments. These will be eternal moments that when you see them again, will arouse intense emotions and fond memories.

12. Surprise your him and take him to a new place

Plan a surprise escape to a new place. Kidnap your him and give him a relaxed and fun weekend, full of discovery and relaxation. I will not stop thanking you.

13. Go to the discovery of unknown places in your city

Go to a place you never visited in your city. People have often lived in a place for years, but the most historic areas are not known. Take advantage of it to discover them together.

14. Sleep under the open sky

Try a summer evening to sleep under the stars. It will be an experience to remember.

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15. Try making your own cocktail

Play bartenders for one evening. Have fun creating your cocktail and enjoy it in company, perhaps with suggestive music in the background.

16. Enjoy a wellness day together

Dedicate yourself to an intense wellness day to take care of yourself and your body. Discover the joys of doing nothing, between sauna, massages and pure relaxation.

17. Write yourself love letters

Write yourself a love letter. In this digital age, return to the old methods, never taken for granted and always highly appreciated. You will feel like you are returning to an era that no longer exists.

18. Play the first date again

Meet up in a bar and pretend you don’t know each other. Play the roles and have fun going back to the first appointments. A fun and playful way to add some salt to the consolidated relationship.

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19. Go bowling

This is not only suitable for having fun with friends, but also with your loved one. Have a race and challenge yourself: whoever does not bring home the victory will pay the other a drink.

20. Take a cooking class

You will certainly have the opportunity to take a cooking class. Let yourself be intrigued by the culinary art and put yourself to the test. Your life as a couple will also turn out to be thanks to your new notions on cooking.

21. learn a new language together

Are you planning a trip to Brazil next year or a week in Madrid? You can take an online course or buy a DVD and challenge yourself together.

22. Picnic at night in the park

Even more than romantic: a night picnic with blankets, candles and lots of delights. More romantic than that …

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23. Go to the drive-in!

With popcorn and coke, of course. A romantic date like in the old days.

24. Go to a children’s playground

Instead of getting into a taxi after the party and driving quickly home, give yourself a moment in a romantic way: stop in a children’s playground. An alternative appointment to end the evening in a fun and original way.

25. Walk together in the hot summer rain

You always see it in movies, you find it romantic, but you never do it? Well, it’s time to try hand in hand with your better half. A lonely summer night to appreciate the popular city with your loved one.

26. Do a wine tasting

Total fun: an old cellar, lots of tasty wines and the chance to try different wines, just like the pros. After all, good food and wine are two essential ingredients for a sky-high weekend.

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27. Fly a kite

A windy day and you don’t know what to do? Then go out on a mountain in the countryside and fly a kite. This childhood game is wonderfully nostalgic and will bring you back to a child full of dreams.

28. Go to the hairdresser together or get a tattoo

If you love tattoos, treat yourself to a tattoo and do it together, not necessarily the same. Or, even a simpler thing, like a new hair look for an afternoon of magazines and chat. And then in the evening, we celebrate!

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