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Curtain bangs: for those who look good and the coolest cuts to be inspired by

V.Need a trendy cut, but easy to manage? Choose the curtain fringe, the hair look that never goes out of fashion and perfect for those who want to give us a cut but with style.

There are those who call it curtain bangs and who curtain bangs, but everyone agrees that it is one of the coolest haircuts in recent years. Despite the passing of the seasons, including trends and styles, this hairlook continues to be one of the most requested by stars, influencers and more.

Easy to manage and definitely less demanding than the classic full and full-bodied fringe, this style that frames the face but leaves it free in the center can be combined with many cut your hair, both long and short, and in no time at all it will conquer even lovers of vintage and retro looks (not at home it was Brigitte Bardot’s symbolic hairstyle).

Still undecided whether or not to choose the curtain fringe? We have collected the information, and the inspirations, that you will need to understand if the curtain bangs for you (and we are sure it is).

Who is curtain bangs good for?

Obviously, if you like the curtain fringe and have always dreamed of it, you don’t have to set limits: always remember that the important thing is feel good about yourself and like yourself every day. But if you want to know to those who donate more or on which faces is more suitable, here you will find the right information.

For example, if you have a long face is Oval or a low forehead, this fringe will help you frame your face and enhance it without weighing it down. If you have the round face, you know that a full fringe could accentuate rounded shapes, but if you really don’t want to give it up, the curtain bangs can help you find the perfect middle ground even better if long and exhausted.

For those who have a face characterized by straight and dry lines, this parade fringe could help you to sweeten everything by making it more round and harmonious. Last, but not least, are the broad foreheads which with the curtain bangs are slightly hidden and minimized.

How to dry curtain bangs

Like all cuts, both long and short, the final styling is very important for a good result and not to regret the scissor stroke after the first home made wash. For dry the curtain bangs better equipped with a round brush in order to give volume so that it is fluffy and light. Of course, before the drying phase, you can spray a volumizing spray, such as saline, to add body and give structure.

Whether you have fine or thick hair, sparse or full hair, don’t worry – the curtain bangs it is good for all hair types and, whether it is draining it or not, it will help you add volume or lighten it in case you need it.

Forget the plate, set it aside and forget it for a while. For this type of hairstyle it is important to add volume and avoid the excessively straight and sleek effect that the straightener can give.

The long curtain bangs

Long, indeed very long enough to cover eyebrows and eyes, In this case, obviously, the curtain fringe will always be worn on the sides and will partially cover the forehead. Super elegant it is perfect in combination with extra long hair.

Curly hair and curtain bangs

Bangs and curly hair maybe they won’t really rhyme, but surely the curtain style can be a first step to approach this world. Perfect for enhancing shaved curls, try to choose it rather long in order to make it slightly more thoughtful and better control the curl even if short compared to the rest of the hair.

Light curtain fringe

Also perfect with crops, the light curtain bangs it goes perfectly with straight and thin hair. The lack of volume, in fact, can go in contrast with the full and full-bodied fringes while, in this case, it fits perfectly with the more runway style.

Curtain bangs and short hair

Long or short it doesn’t matter. If you like curtain bangs know that it will look good with both cuts, but if you prefer the shorter hair as a short bob try to combine it with a choppy and pulled bob in order to increase its volume and lightness.

Side curtain bangs

Don’t call it clump. There side curtain bangs it is very different from the classic tuft that we have all worn at least once in our life: decidedly shorter and more rounded, it is also characterized by some locks that escape from the rest going to lighten the final style.

The coolest inspo

Star and influencer from all over the world have understood how cool the curtain fringe is and love to show it both with crops and with free and slightly disciplined hair.

Brigitte Bardot

He made it his trademark and, when it comes to gringe and curtain bangs, it is impossible not to think of her and her thick blonde hair. Slightly scaled at the sides and super rounded: a must try for vintage lovers


Much like the Bardot, too Rihanna succumbed to the curtain bangs, demonstrating that the hair color absolutely does not change the final effect. Light, dark, auburn: it will always be beautiful.

Jennifer Lopez

So long that it goes unnoticed, but it is there. There curtain bang by Jennifer Lopez is that skilful touch of hairstyle that we should all know to frame the face and highlight the features.

Dakota Johnson

To see Dakota Johnson without bangs it is really impossible, but as the years went by and the rise in fame, she decided to go from a full model that did not suit her thin hair and with little volume to a curtain fringe that she loves to cut slightly open at the center. Fundamental, in this case, the scaling on the sides which make it super harmonious with the rest of the cut.

Jeanne Damas

He reported the curtain bang among the influencers and, after years, he does not give up on this cut which has now become his hallmark. Always paired with a not too well-groomed long bob. To enrich the curtain fringe of Jeanne Damas the coppery highlights which lighten the natural brown tone of her hair.

Are you ready for this scissor stroke? Trust us, you will love it!

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