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Nail reconstruction: how and why to do it with our tips

Lhe nail reconstruction technique guarantees brilliant long lasting manicure. This is why it is increasingly chosen to have neat and elegant hands. Here we explain the benefits, methods and costs to you

To improve the aesthetics of the nails or to strengthen them if they are very damaged, the solution is there nail reconstruction. With the reconstruction the form and the length of the nail fixing and correcting where it is needed. The result is a nail look totally new which has a huge first benefit: the duration. When to resort to nail reconstruction? In three particular situations: when natural nails have an aesthetically unpleasant shape, when you want to increase the length or when you want to fight the tendency to eat or gnaw them. How to do it? Which method to choose? And how much is it? The answer to all these questions is in the next paragraphs.

Nail reconstruction: the methods

Let’s start with methods you can choose in the salon (or from do at home) for reconstruction. They are two and are based on the different materials used:acrylic and the gel. The difference between the two elements is mainly in the result and in resistance. Let’s see together, briefly, what they consist of. There nail reconstruction with acrylic uses substances called acrylates which solidify under the UVA lamp creating a resistant layer that covers the nail. We recommend this technique if your nails are really badly damaged or if you suffer from onychophagy, because it is able to completely remodel them. There nail reconstruction with gel it involves the use of less plastic substances even if always very resistant. To the naked eye the difference is visible because the gel reconstruction is less thick. Over time, technology has made great strides: today they are often used removable gels with solvents instead of the file which can ruin the nail.

The advantages of nail reconstruction

Whatever method you choose, before understanding whether to do it or not, we invite you to reflect on some important “pros” of nail reconstruction. First of all, it saves you from repainting the nail polish several times (which, if you want to have perfect nails, happens at least once a week). This involves a great time saver, net of the salon appointment (which is also a great way to do a pit stop from everyday stress): for at least two weeks, if not three, your manicure will be flawless! Last but not the least, the nail reconstruction allows you to let your imagination fly by creating nail art of all kinds!

DIY nail reconstruction

There gel nails reconstruction it is a treatment that you can also do at home, if you are an expert and already have good dexterity. If you have decided for the do-it-yourself, make sure you have everything you need as a nail reconstruction kit consisting of a UV lamp, a cover gel, semi-permanent nail polish, top coat, cuticle oil, solvent and wooden stick. Ready? Skip to the next paragraph now!

Nail reconstruction steps: cHow do you do it

Before proceeding with the rebuild, always remember to disinfect your hands. Push the cuticles outward with the wooden stick and file the nail using a buffer. Then proceed with the application of a layer of primer all over the nail, allowing it to dry. Apply a layer of gel – like you do with nail polish – and let it cure under the lamp for at least two minutes (attention: the UV lamp must be at least 36 Watt to ensure a good polymerization of the gel, which can be triphasic – base, builder, sealant- or monophasic). Clean the nail and proceed with the nail art. If, on the other hand, you prefer a monochromatic look, apply a drop of gel to shape the nail and seal with a top coat. Finally, file and apply thecuticle oil.

Nail reconstruction with tips or papers

In addition to choosing the right method, you can also evaluate different types of tools: typ or maps. Difficult to have doubts: if you want to lengthen the nail, tip, the classic false nails that cover it completely, are fine. Papers, on the other hand, are ideal for reconstructing a broken nail or for perfecting the shape. In short, if you have very short nails, always choose the tip.

Nail reconstruction prices

The price always varies according to chosen method (gel or acrylic) and the type of “intervention” (gel reconstruction with papers or tips that have a higher cost than the first). Generally the reconstruction starts from 30 euros up to 100 euros (be careful because even the salon makes a lot of difference!).

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