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How to decorate your beach house: photos and trends to get inspired

There house the sea is the refuge that allows you to get away from it all, a corner of the world where you can break away from the daily routine and let your thoughts run wild. In short, it is a place of the heart that deserves to be tastefully decorated and with the colors that surround it. Find out in this video what it is furniture style best suited to you and read on to get inspired with beautiful interior photos.

What to keep in mind to furnish your beach house: the most suitable colors and materials

Who has never dreamed of having one second cottage by the sea? We for sure! And in these cold winter days we fly with the imagination towards milder climates.

If you are in the mood for the sea too, you can rearrange your home space with one maritime style, or better yet, you can start thinking about the decor of your coastal retreat that awaits you for the summer.

Thinks what it means for you the house by the sea: a fresh and bright environment, which shelters you from the scorching rays in the hottest hours of summer and welcomes you in the evening after being out all day. How to furnish it in the right way to make it beautiful and functional?

It is best to follow a few simple rules: recreate spaces that are in tune with the surrounding environment and match the ideal colors to the typical materials of the area.

A must for all seaside resorts is certainly to opt for furniture and textiles in light tones (white, blue, sand…) that give freshness to any environment. Alternate them with bright blue reminiscent of the sea and the summer sky and you will get a perfect seafaring effect. Do not choose strong colors, such as red and purple, which do not suit the relaxation you are looking for in this type of home.
On the market you will also find various objects to embellish the furnishings, made in straw, wicker or wood. Basically the most common materials you find in coastal locations.

Read on to find out how to furnish the different spaces of your beach house.

furnish a house by the sea: bright spaces© GettyImages
furnish a house by the sea: marine style© Pinterest
furnish a house by the sea: shades of white and blue© Pinterest
furnish a seaside home: wicker decorations© Pinterest

Furnish the living room of the house by the sea

On vacation, the living room is no longer the fulcrum of the house, because in summer people tend to take advantage of the outdoor spaces, such as a patio or terrace overlooking the sea.

Consequently, what we recommend is to opt for one simple and functional environment.
How do you make it? In the living room of the beach house you can insert a sofa or sofa bed, two armchairs and a coffee table. If you choose to add a sideboard as well you could opt for massive furniture to give a second life: find a local antiques shop or a shabby chic furniture spot; perfect for finding opportunities of all kinds! Give the finishing touches with objects that recall the sea: decorative shells, polished stones, starfish and fish.

The floor of the living room must be resistant and with a relaxing effect, like a light stoneware with a wood effect. It must also be easy to clean because arriving from the beach and the sea inevitably brings some ‘brackish air’ from the outside.

The clever advice: to not go too dirty the living area, cut out a small space at the entrance where to leave straw bags, towels, hats and flip-flops.
If your seaside cottage is small, this space can simply be a corner with one bench containment and of hooks where to store items. It will be a beautiful decorative element that will enrich the style of the furniture.

furnish a seaside house: sofa and coffee tables© Pinterest
furnish a house by the sea: the functional living room© Pinterest
furnishing a seaside home: a second life to furniture© Pinterest
furnish a house by the sea: hooks for storing objects© Pinterest

Furnishing ideas for the kitchen of the beach house

As with the room above, so too kitchen in summer it is used less often (summer dinners with many guests excluded). The dishes are lighter and fresher and require less preparation time.
Therefore this space must be well organised, small or large! Even with a limited budget the cuisine of the maritime refuge can be really interesting.

The furniture in the kitchen area will consist of a Spartan table and some wooden chairs. Add some shelves and storage cupboards that will make up the rest of the style.
Unlike the living room, the kitchen or dining area of ​​the beach house does not provide for the enrichment of knick-knacks or other small decorative objects. The key word here is practicality!

If you are afraid of going overboard, you can turn to one of the giants of furniture: Ikea.
The brand offers you a variety of solutions and gives you the ability to customize the furniture with furniture in different colors and styles.

Finally, you can embellish your style by playing with fire zone tiles: le majolica in ceramic they match very well with seaside environments. Prefer those characterized by neutral colors and shades of blue.

furnish a house by the sea: the functional kitchen© Pinterest
furnish a house by the sea: majolica in the kitchen© Pinterest
furnish a house by the sea: wooden table and chairs© Pinterest

Ideas for decorating the holiday bedroom

furnish a house by the sea: bedroom© GettyImages
furnish a seaside home: total white in the sleeping area© Pinterest
furnish a seaside home: white walls and light textiles© Pinterest
furnish a seaside home: breathable textiles© Pinterest

In sleeping area of your corner of the world with a sea view must reign a feeling of freshness. This is in fact the environment of the house where you will take refuge from the summer heat.

Get it with ease: choose a bed without a large headboard and prefer a simple bed, not overly modern. The curtains and the bed sheets they will be the protagonists of the room and if you opt for color White you will get a nautical effect really glamorous.

L’wardrobe it can be both a massive complement in bleached wood than an essential clothes hangers, depending on your taste and your stay by the sea!

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