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How to switch to gray hair permanently, tips

Lthe idea of ​​not dyeing your hair any more tempts you? Here the advice of the hair stylist to manage the transition with all the possibilities of the case. In addition, the recommended products and some psychological curiosity about a phenomenon that goes beyond practical issues

An increasingly frequent choice is that of no longer dye your hair, so much so that show off a hair total white or salt and pepper no longer makes a fuss. Indeed it is decidedly trendy, even among the under 55. Perhaps a sign of a newfound awareness on the part of women.

White hair: between freedom and acceptance

«Definitely switch to white hair with nonchalance indicates having adopted the beauty equation as self acceptance»- explains the doctor Elisa Stefanati, psychologist and psychotherapist at the Quisisana Hospital in Ferrara. «Let’s face it: white hair is a sign of aging. And in a society where the “no aging” diktat applies, a woman who decides not to dye her hair can choose to accept the time passes, making it evident through the refusal of the dye during its lifetime ».

Of course, it takes a great knowledge of oneself to take this step, which is not free from hesitations and “technical complications”, such as making an agreement with your hairdresser. But usually if a woman decides to to abandon the colors, she is fully convinced!

“Some feel reborn from the new look, because they continue to feel appreciated despite a white hair, which happens to be carefully treated: it is a sign of great contact with themselves, something that transpires on the outside! ” – continues the psychologist.

The practical reasons for a radical choice

Beyond the psychological reasons, there are other prosaic reasons that push us to say goodbye to colors. “Often it is a woman who no longer tolerates it slavery of color every month, but can sometimes be due to less time and money, given the rising prices for good quality color service. Certainly only in one case out of 100 is there the desire to look like the Hollywood diva who has dyed a blue like lavender! ” – says thehair stylist Emanuele Didier of the I Didier salon in Bologna. The age? «On average over 55 years old, but the series includes younger women ».

White hair

How to manage the transition from dye to white hair

If you’ve always dyed, the problem with switching to natural white is walking around with a head of two colors, divided by net regrowth, especially if you are brown or red. For blondes, the question does not arise, as white hair is more masked. How do you go about avoiding looking sloppy and messy then?

«It requires abandoning the dyes delicate passages that change from woman to woman, according to the length, the color (artificial) and the quality of the hair »- says the hair stylist Didier.

A lot depends on how convinced she really is change look, also because it is not always possible to act in a radical way, and therefore quickly. «Based on the shape of the face, the age and the style of the client, we can reflect together on a new cut more in keeping with his future image as a grizzled or natural white ».

A matter of length and quantity

Switching to natural whites is easier if there are many and evenly distributed. And if the hair is short and light, it is even more so.

«The regrowth is a couple of centimeters on a crown with the 70-80% of white hair? So, two ways can be suggested: either you cut your hair as much as possible to cancel the gap between old dye and regrowth, or it is discolored. In the first case, the cut must cover at least three quarters of the total length, so that the grizzled color it will look more homogeneous; in the second, however, it is necessary to understand how much the hair is sensitized in order to be able to pickle it (i.e. deprive it of the remaining chemical color) or bleach without problems »- says the hair stylist Didier.

Color techniques to avoid obvious discoloration

Between radical cut and the discoloration of the remaining lengths, there is a third way to switch to white hair. Expects intermediate stepsi, and is preferred if a gradual change is desired. What is it about?

«On the gray root, gods are created shadow effects, that is zigzag coloring techniques on small strands, which aim to cover whites less clearly than a full dye. So you get one “transparent” coloring which will make future regrowth gradually more and more nuanced. To do this, however, you have to wait for it to exceed 3 centimeters ».

White hair

How to treat white, gray or bleached hair

Hair without or deprived of melanin (the pigment that gives color) is more fragile than a young or non-bleached one. «For this reason, on graying hair it must be used reconstructive products that deeply repair the hair fiber, increasing silkiness and shine. They are also used to avoid frizzy or matted effects ».

Any further advice? «Brush them when dry with soft brushes with ergonomic teeth».

How to always have a nice color? «There are products that make the more beautiful white or gray, correcting the yellow or orange tones towards which they can turn due to normal oxidation in contact with air. Usually the hair of Mediterranean women tends to “throw out” an orange tone that can be neutralized with products with blue pigments. Conversely, those who have been light brown or blond may tend to yellow: in this case, shampoos and conditioners with purple pigments are recommended ».

Anti-yellow products for silver or ice reflections

They are used from one to 3 times a month, keeping them in place for a few minutes. Look at the gallery with shampoos, conditioners, masks and toners for white, gray and bleached hair.

(The article continues after the gallery)

Anti yellow shampoo

Elvive Purple by L’Oréal Paris neutralizes yellow / orange shades thanks to purple pigments and UV filter. Leave on for 1 to 5 minutes before rinsing and switching to the other dose of shampoo.

Mask for white or gray hair

Pantene Gray & Bright Hair Biology contains jojoba oil to give shine and hydration to dry, rough and nourishing hair. It also protects from UV rays, since the absence of melanin makes white hair more sensitive to the sun.

Anti yellow balm Okara Silver by Rene Furterer

Hydrates the hair fiber and neutralizes yellow reflections, thanks to the presence of violet pigments.

No-rinse reconstructive cream

Sunsilk Intensive Rebuild is a line designed to revitalize damaged hair and rebuild dry and dull hair. Its formula is based on keratin and calcium.

Leave-In Conditioner

Nutriplenish from Aveda is a super-nourishing line that guarantees up to 72 hours of intense hydration. The merit is of the Superfood Complex composed of organic pomegranate oil, coconut oil and mango butter. For dry white hair, a leave-in conditioner is ideal for detangling and protecting from heat up to 230 °.

Toner for gray hair

Glam Color Toner .11 Steel Gray by La Biosthetique

A temporary dye for natural gray hair, to reduce the contrast between white and natural colored hair. Contains only direct dyes that wash off evenly without any buildup.

Ice-colored reflective

C1 by Hairmed is a coloring mask designed to make gray, totally white or too yellow hair more beautiful. Applied directly, it enhances the starting color, for a total white or salt and pepper look.

When is it not recommended to switch to whites?

«Generally, when the hair is not strong enough to withstand invasive bleaching, since after so many repeated dyes over the years, they are very likely to have become fragile and sensitized. And the paradox is that it is more difficult to bleach thin hair, rather than double hair ».

The alternative? «Switch to blond, and then slowly to white. This is unless the client decides to cut her hair clean, but to do so she must be truly convinced. And we are at the starting point, it is there belief to regulate everything: if this is vacillating, it is better to continue dyeing for some time “- concludes thehairstylist Emanuele Didier.

Cuts for white hair

What cuts look good with white hair? First of all, we must take care of the “non” white color, it must always be treated with the appropriate products recommended by your trusted hairdresser, whether they are natural or colored, especially in transition periods when the color is not uniform. Surely a jaw bob for those with straight hair, a geometric and modern cut, will give a fresh twist to the color and also to our face, allowing us to play down the choice of such a particular color.

If our hair is very beautiful and full-bodied, we can also wear it longer, especially if we have chosen to wear white hair at a young age. In any case, the choice of the cut depends a lot on our face and also on the practicality we need in our life, so it is better to ask your trusted hairdresser for advice, explaining our needs well.

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