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Banana peel: Zendaya. His style slides in 4 looks


If you remember the advertisement where Zendaya rode, no one knows why, on the rough roads of a metropolis that led somehow into the mountains, it is better to forget it. And also forget some incomprehensible evening suits.

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Let’s think instead of the Zendaya of Euphoria and to the moving, lucid interpreter of Malcolm & Marie.

The role that belongs to her most and, as she says in an interview with Silvia Bizio, teaches us that “a young woman must not be intimidated by power or be afraid to exercise her own, which we have long been told to keep at bay. “. And this is precisely what we no longer want to do.


Zendaya’s style slips: from the left, in a dressing gown, too coordinated, boxed in the 1980s and exotic-like (photo Getty Images).

Pitched (2020) It could be a dressing gown, and even so it would seem excessive. Instead it is a precious evening dress decorated with meticulously cut branches of leaves. And it still looks like a dressing gown (February 6, Brooklyn, New York).

Coordinated (2019) With this jacket a bit like that, ideal for pajamas. With this skirt a bit so that it would be better to hide, Zendaya votes for the outfit. And don’t forget the boots (June 25, New York).

Canned (2018) The 80s never die and it is not always an advantage. Just look at this suit and you don’t know whether to be more surprised by the shoulder pads or by the patches of color (March 1, West Hollywood).

Exotic (2017) Vaguely Arabic in these wide pants and the double knot bodice, Zendaya also sports stovepipe-like curls at the shoulders and wrists (September 16, Beverly Hills).

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