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THE cinnamon roll pancake they are one of the nicest and tastiest breakfasts I have prepared in recent times. With Campania orange again, we need to make the most of the time spent at home, and I know that soon at least the first part of the morning I will know how to pass it 😉 Really, I don’t know if you can perceive it from the photo, but these pancakes are really a delight, if you are a lover of classic cinnamon rolls or simply cinnamon, you can’t not try them!

Procedure for preparing cinnamon roll pancakes

First prepare the batter: beat the eggs with the milk in a bowl.
Separately, add the powders (flour, yeast, sugar and salt), then add the two compounds and mix until you get a smooth and homogeneous batter.

Now prepare the filling by simply mixing slightly soft butter, sugar and cinnamon until the mixture is thick but fairly homogeneous, which we are going to put in a pastry bag.

Grease a flat-bottomed non-stick pan with a little butter and heat it, then pour in the batter, a couple of pancake spoons.
Let it cook for a couple of minutes then, before the top completely solidifies, create a spiral on each pancake with the filling.
Let it finish solidifying, then turn the pancakes gently with a spatula and finish cooking.

The cinnamon roll pancakes are ready, you can garnish them with maple syrup, sugar glaze, Greek yogurt or whatever you prefer.

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