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Spring 2021 haircuts to copy: photos and inspirations

C.n spring comes the desire to discover oneself, leaving behind the cold winter to blossom like flowers. New look, new skincare and above all new hair look. Let’s discover the spring 2021 haircuts to copy to celebrities!

The keyword is personality, as regards the hair cuts trends for spring 2021. The coolest inspirations, as always, come from the world of celebrities who, with the arrival of the first hottest ones, decide to renew their hair look.

From the catwalks of the just ended Fashion Week to the Sanremo stage we have found many ideas for you to revolutionize your style, giving us a cut (in the true sense of the word) and changing our haircut. Long, medium or short it doesn’t matter, i spring haircuts 2021 they leave freedom not only in the lengths and styling but also – and above all – in the colors!

Long Spring Haircuts

Never doubt the long hair, especially in spring where the foliage is lightened and thinned. Super trendy for the spring 2021 will be the parade cuts, which give character to even the most basic look.

If you are the enemy of scissors and you dream of a Rapunzel hair, our advice is to give a vitality booster to your long hair with tuft o bangs: full, curtain or sideways, it will immediately make your hair saucy.

Medium spring haircuts: the very short bob

Already super requested in all beauty salons, it is Francesca Michielin’s new haircut that has dictated the trends of hairstyle spring. The short bob – also called wob-shag – is inspired by the 1950s but renewing them in a 2021 key.

Very short, lightly touches the cheeks, it immediately gives style and character to those who choose it. Rock, sensual and decisive, has nothing to do with the most classic and beloved helmet. The shag is much more trendy, ideal to carry backwards with thewet look: androgynous and feminine at the same time!

Medium-short hair: the mullet

Unconventional and on the verge of extreme, we have found the return of another haircut spring 2021 that will set the trend in the coming months: the mullet.

Flaunted by California, the singer of Coma_Things, will give your hair an immediate rock star effect, this is because the mullet – also loved by, no less than, David Bowie – is basically ultra trendy. Very short, almost shaved, in the upper part of the haircut, it fades towards the lower part which can be more or less long.

In spring 2021 the trend will want it in key moved, with a less drastic and more feminine look, declining the lengths in soft waves that will give the whole hairstyle a harmonious volume.

Spring short haircuts, the return of the bowl cut

Let’s start right away with i short haircuts. Absolutely feminine and sensual are there fifth essence of personality. Strong reference to the 90s fashion this haircut (paradoxically) suits almost everyone. Iconic haircut of Charlize Theron it is suitable for both teenagers and women over 40 because it highlights the details of the face, with character and audacity but without completely distorting the look.

Being a multifaceted haircut it can be declined in various ways: with shaves on the nape that optically lengthening the neck, making it appear more sinuous and sensual or longer and curved, giving it the characteristic bowl shape.

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