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Gel nails, nail polishes, colors and trends for spring summer 2021. Photos

Here are the best images of gel nails spring summer 2021. From the colors of the glazes to the new French manicures, up to those painted with natural enamels, look at the photos and discover the new fashion nails trends.

gel nail polish spring summer 2021

The gel nails trends of spring summer 2021 they know no half measures. On the one hand there are neutral or nude nails, on the other hand you can find long nails with different shapes decorated or painted with the new nail polish colors of the season. Look for example in this photo how the new ones are french manicure.

gel nails with french spring summer 2021

In summary, due to the pandemic and with the beauty salons closed in the red areas, there are those who focus on simplicity and those who manage to get a manicure at home. This is where the summer nail trends start. While the colors of the glazes follow the 2021 women’s fashion trends.

enamel color summer 2021

Here are the most beautiful gel nails to choose from for the hot season.

Nail shape 2021

Gel or natural nail shapes for the summer season prefer manicured hands and short nails, square-shaped nails, almond-shaped nails in addition to ballerina nails. Sharp nails are also always in fashion.

gel nails spring summer 2021

Nail polish colors spring summer 2021

The trend of the season is pastel colors, nails painted green, yellow, orange, blue and in shades of pink are the ones that are already popular on Instagram. These in the picture are the new OPI enamels spring summer 2021

smalti opi spring summer 2021
OPI Professional

Pastel shades with a creamy finish we also find them for the Darling collection of natural glazes by Zoya.

zoya enamels spring summer 2021
Zoya Nails

In stark contrast to pastel colors, there is Chanel who for the spring summer 2021 collection chooses short round-shaped nails and glossy black nail polish.

chanel gel polish summer 2021

Neutral and pink gel nails

In addition to pastel colors, the 2021 nail fashion trends as we have said focus on neutral shades and on the minimal style that is easier to manage at home. At the base of everything is the care of shiny and healthy hands and nails.

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nail polish spring summer 2021

all shades of pink are in fashion. However, while the bright colors are more suited to girls, the shades of the light pink gel polish they look good on hands with long nails almond shape.

nail polishes summer 2021

Gel nails with french

Short, long, colored or nude or gradient, the french manicure remain among the top trends of summer nails 2021. Here are the ideas to copy to show off a beautiful pastel colored French from April to August.

french with gel spring summer 2021

Natural and vegan nail polishes the best brands of the moment

Natural enamels or cruelty free are the trend of today and tomorrow. Fashion and the whole world of beauty are increasingly aiming not to pollute and to create products based on natural substances. The low cost brand is also doing it with the Catrice and Essence lines that offer vegan products, as well as Zoya Smalti and many others. Here are some beautiful gel nails made with glazes not tested on animals.

natural gel nail polishes spring summer 2021

And finally, the gel nails and nail polish color trends of spring summer are these, but soon on the Donne beauty channel on the Web you will find the other trends of the summer season. Meanwhile see also:

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