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Acid hair rinse: here’s how to have soft and shiny hair

If your hair feels coarse, frizzy, bristly and dull and dull, perhaps what you need is to integrate a acid rinse hair to your washing routine. Not only plates, hairdryers and irons damage the hair, but also the wrong products or too hot or calcareous water can contribute to making the hair less shiny, soft and silky. This is because the scales that make up the hair, during shampooing, tend to open due to the effect of heat and cleaning products that may have a different PH.

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Imagine a roof made of tiles, all arranged in a regular way that make its surface homogeneous. Now imagine raised or disordered tiles, which would make the roof appear not smooth and uniform: so it happens for the hair. It is therefore necessary to find a way to close the scales, so that the hair is smoother and softer to the touch, not rough and bristly. In this way all the hair will be easier to style, less frizzy, more shiny and bristle.

The solution is to do a acid rinse to the hair, which will immediately make them more shiny but above all very soft to the touch, fighting the frizz effect and the rough feeling when you run your fingers inside. Thanks to this step, the correct PH of the hair will be re-established, dissolving and eliminating limescale residues, which are primarily responsible for unhealthy-looking hair.

A first tip: ready-made acid rinse and anti-limescale filter to reduce water hardness

The acid rinse hair, therefore, it is positioned as the last step to be carried out in the shower or in the tub of the hair washing routine, before proceeding with the application of styling products and drying. But, even before that, it is possible to try to reduce the hardness of the water and the limescale residue on the hair by installing a filter for the shower, which eliminates impurities and purifies the water, also reaching the appearance of unwanted reflections in the hair.

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Perform a acid rinse hair it’s really very simple, just choose between pre-packaged products that perform this function and grandmother’s remedies, equally effective and at low cost. In fact, there are many products on the market, for the most part with eco-friendly formulations, which allow the scales of the hair to close, making them playful and soft. Often they are also enriched with conditioning agents and other beneficial elements and, compared to home methods, they certainly have active ingredients in greater quantities.

Maternatura Acid Hair Rinse with Pink Geranium

Maternatura Acid Hair Rinse with Pink Geranium

Among the leading products on the web when it comes to acid hair rinse, one cannot fail to mention the Acid Hair Rinse with Pink Geranium by Maternatura. Contains lactic acid, glycolic acid and orange blossom water to restore the PH of the hair, thus acting against limescale residues and water impurities. Enriched with Panthenol, essential oils of citrus and pink geranium, mango and passionflower extract, it thus has a moisturizing and protective effect.

DIY acidic hair rinse: 3 easy and inexpensive recipes

For those who prefer to make a DIY acid hair rinse, you will need few ingredients and above all easily available in the kitchen. In fact, the two key ingredients to choose from are vinegar, preferably apple juice, and lemon juice. It would be better to prefer apple cider vinegar because it is more delicate and with a PH more similar to that of hair and, above all, with a more pleasant smell than wine vinegar. Alternatively you can also use the latter, since once evaporated you will not feel any odor on the hair, it will seem like you have not used anything.

To perform a acid rinse hair with vinegar you will need a liter of cold water and a tablespoon of vinegar. After washing and rinsing the hair normally also from the conditioner, you can pour the rinse directly on the head, letting it run on the lengths or you can immerse the head for a few seconds in the basin in which it was prepared. It is important to comb your hair, gently and with a wide-toothed comb, to ensure that everyone is well soaked in acid rinse. After waiting a few seconds, you can wring and pat your hair and then proceed with the normal styling products and drying.

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If you just can’t stand the smell of vinegar or if you are looking for a acid rinse for oily hair an even more effective ingredient is lemon juice. As in the previous one, you will need a liter of cold water and a tablespoon of filtered lemon juice, to avoid being left with residues in the hair. Then proceed as for rinsing with vinegar.

However, the most ecological and effective method seems to be the acid rinse hair with citric acid. Don’t worry, it’s really easy to find even in supermarkets and it’s also very useful as a laundry softener. It is ideal because a completely odorless solution and it takes very little to acidify the water, being concentrated. It looks like a white powder to be dissolved in water but be careful not to overdo the doses: for a liter of cold water just a knife point will suffice.

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How often should the hair acid rinse be performed?

There are those who argue that the acid rinse hair should be done after each shampoo, those who do not recommend overdoing it. Who is right? There are actually three main variables and the advice is to try to find the right frequency for each one. First of all it depends on the hardness of the water, there are areas where the water is more calcareous and others where it will be less and therefore it will be necessary to repeat it less frequently or with a lower dose of acidic ingredient.

It then depends on the frequency of washing: if you wash your hair every day it is not advisable to rinse your hair with acid substances every time, because the risk is to obtain the opposite effect, that is dry, bristly and frizzy hair, because it is too attacked. In this case, perform the acid rinse hair a couple of times a week or maybe after using particularly heavy balms or masks or getting into it with styling products.

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The third variable is represented by the type of hair: the acid rinse for dyed hair, for example, it is useful to do it for the first shampoos immediately after having colored them to fix the color, but do not overdo it later to avoid strange reflections or not to dry out the already tried lengths too much. For what concern acid rinse for dry hair, in this case it is better not to exceed or use specific products enriched with moisturizing ingredients to prevent them from being even more dry and bristly. The acid rinse for oily hair it is instead a real panacea for this type, especially if made with lemon. To make it even more effective, simply add a few drops of essential oil of rosemary, mint, sage or tea trea, with sebum-regulating and purifying properties for the scalp.