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Autumn hair removal: what is the best method?

D.autumn hair removal? Here is the best method to perfectly depilate our skin in the autumn season. To always be at the top in the most colorful season of the year!

At every change of season, when it comes to hair, the question arises: what is the best method to use for effectively eliminate fluff on the body, without causing damage or irritation to the skin? Obviously there are different ways of hair removal, each more or less suitable according to the different needs of each. But what’s the best way when it comes to autumn hair removal?

How is it best to treat skin and hair this season and why? We will try to answer all these questions. To allow you to choose your heart and autumn hair removal method guarantee you have a smooth and silky skin even under layers of dresses, sweaters and blankets.

Autumn hair removal, which method to choose?

First of all, when it comes to hair removal and in particular autumn hair removal it is good to know what are the methods among which you can choose:

  • razor;
  • depilatory cream;
  • waxing or similar;
  • electric epilator;
  • laser;
  • etc.

All effective remedies, more or less durable and safe, obviously if done correctly. And taking into consideration some factors, including the condition of your skin. The skin, in fact, during the autumn season, it tends to dry out more, thanks to the stresses to which it was subjected during the summer and the different climatic conditions typical of this season.

autumn legs hair removal

This is why it is essential to prepare the skin for hair removal, exfoliating it delicately only before treatment e moisturizing it before and after with special creams and vegetable oils. Able to restore the natural balance and well-being of the skin, nourishing and hydrating it deeply. Thus preventing the autumn hair removal from turning into an attack on the beauty of your skin, causing it unwanted redness and / or irritation.

Once the skin has been prepared with a careful and daily skin routine, you can decide which epilation method to adopt.


If you want to perform autumn hair removal with the razor, certainly convenient and fast, it is good to remember that this method has a limited duration in time, maximum two days (three if you are very lucky) and that requires a lot of attention.

To avoid cutting, redness or irritation of the skin and to prevent the so-called ingrown hairs. A problem that, if on an aesthetic level can be limited with a nice pair of jeans (if you can put them on), has no solution in terms of pain. If not patience. So better be careful!

Depilatory cream

Less traumatic than the razor is there depilatory cream. An effective autumn hair removal method, which removes the outer part of the hair and which, thanks to its emollient and soothing formulation, does not act violently on the skin, preserving it.

Obviously this in general. To be really sure the cream you choose is right for you test it on a small area of the body (legs or arms, better to avoid groin and face), making sure not to feel burning or to see the part become red or irritated. The depilatory cream, in fact, has chemical agents inside that it is good to consider in advance.

autumn hair removal cream


Definitely longer lasting, about two to three weeks, waxing is an anti-hair remedy that is always valid, even for autumn hair removal, as it allows one slow regrowth and the possibility of not having to deal with the hair for a longer time. Obviously if done by expert hands, avoiding creating small abrasions or wounds due to tearing.

And evaluating the feasibility also based on characteristics of your skin. If it is too sensitive, in fact (and as mentioned in autumn the skin tends to dehydrate and dry out more easily), it is better to opt for the Arab wax, more delicate and less painful than the traditional one.

Electric epilator

Fast, precise and delicate. The electric epilator is a very good solution for autumn hair removal, since does not irritate the skin, allowing you to wear any type of garment without the risk that the rubbing of the fabric creates redness and inflammation of the skin.

Perfect, therefore, for stem the greater skin sensitivityto. In addition, then, to last a long time, about three / four weeks.

electric autumn hair removal

And of course never forgetting to diversify autumn hair removal according to the area to be treated, more or less delicate and with more or less long, hard hairs to be eliminated, etc.

The laser, the best method for autumn hair removal

But what is the best hair removal method to perform during the fall? Surely the laser also called definitive epilation. A remedy that to tell the truth is the solution to every “problem” related to the presence of hair, regardless of the season. But that finds in the autumn the better conditions to run. The reason?

The hairs, during this season, return to their natural pre-lightening color given by the sun and tan. Therefore, the laser is darker recognizes the presence of melanin more easily, by acting better in a targeted and precise way. Focusing solely on the hair, hitting the follicle and deactivating its regrowth. And thus leading to anprogressive elimination of hair.

Autumn laser hair removal

In addition, starting with this type of hair removal in autumn you are sure to arrive at the next summer already perfectly shaved and ready to show off your smooth, soft and perfectly hair-free skin again. Everywhere, including the most delicate areas such as groin, armpits, mustache and eyebrows. Without worries and last minute tweaks. And obviously by relying only on expert hands who will be able to advise you if the laser is the right solution for you.

autumn hair removal women

Definitely a method more expensive of the others but with a permanent result. What can I say, the autumn season has begun, the choice is yours of the autumn hair removal method that you prefer and that best suits your needs. For a skin that is always at the top even in the most colorful season of the year.