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Preparing your skin for makeup: how and why to use moisturizer

P.preparing the skin to receive make-up is very important and contributes to the quality of the final result. Precisely for this reason you never have to do without the moisturizer.

Moisturizer is a key element of skincare routine. Its action is to moisturize the skin and provide it with many of the nutrients it needs.

In addition to this, however, for girls who wear makeup and apply foundation, blush and other powders, serves a prepare your face to receive them and to ensure that the final result is homogeneous, long-lasting and not aggressive for the epidermis.

How proper skincare supports makeup

Even before makeup, what makes a face radiant is an excellent skincare that keeps the skin healthy and balanced.

Cleansing and hydration go hand in hand

For this, every morning is it is essential to do proper cleansing of the face, with products with a non-aggressive pH and suitable for the type of skin.

After you’ve washed your face, it’s time to moisturize it, not only to restore the nutrients lost during washing and those of which it is particularly lacking, but also because well-hydrated skin retains maximum elasticity and firmness and on it it is much easier to apply foundation, blush And powder.

Skipping this step makes the skin extremely dry and at the time of applying the foundation this characteristic could be accentuated making the more visible makeup, causing unwanted marks or spots to appear on the face.

Also, the moisturizer it also serves to create a small barrier between the skin and the base ingredients, which although they are designed to be well tolerated, could sometimes be too aggressive if applied “naked”.

So here is the reason why you just can’t forget about the moisturizer when you prepare your make-up base.


How to choose the right moisturizer

There moisturizing cream perfect is the one that leaves one on the face feeling of comfort and hydration without However weigh it down. Basically: if after about a minute from the application it is gone and the skin does not tighten it is ok, if it still feels dry it is too light for you, while if it is absorbed with difficulty its heaviness is excessive.

Moisturizing cream for combination skin

If your skin is young, never appears excessively dehydrated and is free from specific problems, choose a tlight and fresh exture. Rather valid elements in this case are hyaluronic acid, vitamin C and coenzyme Q10.

Moisturizing cream for oily acne-prone skin

A oily skin it can have pimples and black and whiteheads and tends to shine easily over the course of the day. The reason is that produces more sebum to the standard.

This in view of the preparation of the foundation could be a problem because the oil produced by the skin over the hours literally tends to make it slip away.

There moisturizing cream which you should choose in this case must have a rebalancing and soothing sebum formulation and you should combine it about once a week with cleansing masks with green clay.

Moisturizing cream for dry skin

Dry skin is what at this stage it needs to be pampered more effectively. In addition to spreading a good dose of moisturizer on your face, be sure to choose one from particularly rich texture composed of elements that nourish it in depth.

Excellent for this purpose shea butter and olive oil or jojoba with emollient, nourishing and regenerating action; ceramides, useful for preserving the lipid barrier by reducing water loss; And Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids that repair the skin giving it extreme softness.

Also ideal Vitamin E with antioxidant action, the glycerine which counteracts the loss of hydration and aloe vera with a soothing action.

Don’t forget the SPF

The sun’s rays reach and attack the skin every day of the year, not just in summer, so you always have to protect it.

For this, make sure the moisturizer you choose comes with SPF filter. Alternatively, foundation can be, but remember to never go out without it.


All the steps for a perfect make-up base

Now that we have clarified how to choose the perfect moisturizer, all that remains is to apply it and create like this a base long lasting makeup proof.

After washing your face, dry it and apply the products you usually use in your skincare routine.

Take a small portion of moisturizer e spread it on your face with circular movements that from the center go outwards. This technique generates a slight massage that activates the skin and allows the active ingredients to penetrateand deeper.

Leave the skin free to breathe e absorb the product for at least 2-3 minutes, then moves on to the drafting of the fund. If you are in a hurry, you can speed up this process by dabbing your still wet face with a tissue.