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Autumn manicure: 10 truly chic ideas and inspirations

Lautumn has arrived and brings with it new and old trends, even in terms of manicure. Discover the best ideas for dyeing your nails this season!

Change the season, the colors of nature, of our outfits and also of the manicure. The colorful and vitaminic nuances that characterized the summer nails, yes warm and go hand in hand with the colors of autumn.

The trends for this period make you want to experiment and in some cases even to dare. Because sometimes a different nail polish or a particular shape of the nails is enough to liven up a gray day!

So make room for the burgundy, to the Brown, to the Petroleum and al Viola, autumn colors par excellence. But don’t forget that now, as is the case with make-up, too seasons at this point they are not so defined. So there are no real rules, because the important thing is first of all to feel good and express your style.

Of course, there are certainly trends that define fashion even in terms of manicure. Let’s see together 10 ideas to try!

Bottle green, to be daring but not too much

If you are tired of the classic colors and are looking for a different manicure without daring too much, try the green bottle. An intense, particular, but still very refined nuance. Although it adapts to any shape, it goes perfectly especially with the most square shapes.

Manicure Rouge Noir: the timeless

The rouge noir is one of the most popular options for autumn manicure. It looks good on different skin types, is suitable for all outfits and is always very elegant. Whether it is intense and full, tending to chocolate or in an opaque version, you can never go wrong with this color!

Iridescent colors for a manicure that does not go unnoticed

A trend destined to drive people with the boldest look crazy, as well as those who opt for more sober outfits, is the iridescent manicure. From platinum to eggplant, green to yellow, despite the bold colors, this option will make your nails shine with elegance.

Green nail art, how chic!

The green it’s another big one classic of autumn manicure. This nail polish is very chic, especially when combined with elegant outfits. It is therefore perfect both for big occasions and for everyday looks.

You can try to combine different shades of green in one manicure, alternating only colored lunettes and fully painted nail. Here’s an idea to copy:

Mustard yellow, like autumn leaves

Reminiscent of the leaves that populate the streets during autumn, the manicure draws inspiration from nature and is tinged with mustard yellow. A bright, cheerful and lively color, which is especially good for those with short nails, because it fills them up making them look bigger.

Greedy brown, perfect for animalier nails

From coffee to dark chocolate, autumn nails are also inspired by the goodies that warm the heart and mind during this season. If you want to avoid the usual burgundy and black, this option is for you.
Do you want to dare even more? Try the spotted manicure!

Nude manicure that knows no seasons

As for the lips, even for the hands the nude is always a valid option. It adapts to all outfits, all ages and all situations. It goes well with both bolder make-ups and more soap and water.

Floral? For the fall? Pure elegance!

Who said floral nail art is only suitable for spring? Even in the fall, especially if you opt for warm colors, these designs are beautiful paired with super soft sweaters. Seeing is believing!

Infinite shades of purple

A place of honor among the 2021 manicure trends is that occupied by Viola. From aubergine to mauve, this color and all the nuances that derive from it is a must have to try at least once.

The choice in this case is so vast that any type of complexion can be enhanced by this color, just choose the right shade!
Do you tend to have a Mediterranean complexion that remains golden even in the coldest months? Mallow tends to dull your skin. If, on the other hand, you have a lighter complexion, you can opt for this romantic and delicate shade. If you don’t know how to choose between light and dark shades, you can also make a mix, painting your nails in various colors, from light lilac to dark purple. The touch of class? A cascade of glitter to illuminate the days that are getting shorter!

Green light for Halloween-themed stickers and designs!

If you don’t like single-color manicure and want to opt for a more fun and themed nail art, try stickers or designs! You can choose to have leaves, geometric shapes or images reminiscent of the Halloween period on your nails. The details of ghosts, bats and witches, with black and gray details, represent a great alternative to solid orange.

If you prefer cool colors instead, you can choose the same style but on a purple base: even more dark And creepy, to make the month of horrors unique!