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Sustainable toothbrushes: between electric and bamboo, here are the news to try

Lo toothbrush is increasingly sustainable thanks to the new electric versions and the bamboo toothbrush, two choices close to the environment. Here we tell you why with the best news to try.

We have always chosen them in colored plastic, for a lifetime. It is no coincidence that the toothbrush is one of the best-selling plastic products ever. And, at the same time, also one of the more difficult to dispose of. Apparently, ben is needed to decompose completely 500 years: an eternity! And this in the face of one billion toothbrushes sold every year. That’s why this product ended up in the spotlight and became the protagonist of all the battles for defense of the environment. There are alternatives to plastic. But do they work? And are they really eco-friendly? Let’s start with the first: the bamboo toothbrushes.

Sustainable toothbrushes: the bamboo toothbrush

At first glance, the bamboo toothbrushes they are very similar to the classics plastic toothbrushes. What makes the difference, however, is the material used for the handle (which is made of bamboo). The bristles, in fact, are still made of nylon – the only biodegradable ones are of animal origin and certainly do not represent the best solution for ethical reasons, and not only.

What is bamboo

The bamboo is a plant that grows very fast, does not need a lot of care and has a much lower environmental impact than plastic. Its absolute advantage is that it is a 100% biodegradable material. In fact, bamboo takes only six months to decompose. To dispose of it, you must first remove the bristles (just use pliers): the handle can be collected in the wet or reused. There duration of a bamboo toothbrush is the same as that of plastic, that is, about three months and the price is slightly higher.

How to use bamboo toothbrushes

If you choose to use this type of toothbrush, remember to dry it carefully after using it. Try to keep it in an area that is not too humid so as not to damage the material. For the rest, there are no differences with the classic plastic toothbrushes: and this is also one of the reasons that have made it very popular. Which model to choose? Take into account the type of bristles (we recommend that you always use medium or soft ones), the size of the head and the shape of the handle.
The curiosity: the first toothbrushes were invented in China in the 15th century and they were all with bamboo handles!
Here is a rundown of products to try.

Completely vegan, it has soft bristles that allow a deep but delicate cleansing, which does not scratch the gums.

100% Mineral Oil free, has medium bristles.

Eco-friendly, it has a 100% recyclable cardboard packaging.

Sustainable toothbrushes: Colgate Bamboo Carbon

With charcoal-infused bristles, it has a bamboo handle coated with natural beeswax to minimize water absorption.

Electric toothbrushes

This is the category that, in recent years, has had the greatest technological development: the last news connect to the smartphone and I am capable of trace your teeth in 3D. Much of the success of the electric toothbrush it is due precisely to the ease and convenience of use. In addition, according to the oral care brand Oral B, some clinical tests show that electric toothbrushes provide better effectiveness in cleaning teeth and gums than manual toothbrushes. From the point of view of sustainability, we remind you that, once the body has been bought, only the head needs to be changed, which can be different from time to time and adapt to the different needs of our teeth. The most common are the electric toothbrushes with oscillating head: their bristles rub the surface of teeth and gums, limiting the formation of plaque. The latest generation electric toothbrushesinstead, they have a technology that combines rotating, oscillating and pulsating movement for even greater effectiveness. there three novelties which summarize well all the technological innovations in the field of electric toothbrushes.


The iO ™ technology of this new electric toothbrush combines the Oral-B round head inspired by dentist tools with micro-oscillating bristles enhancing the professional clean feel for gentle brushing. In addition, Artificial Intelligence and 3D tooth tracking offer users a personalized guide, communicating the correct brushing method step by step.

It has ultra-thin bristles that gently penetrate the periodontal pockets, thus making it possible to gently remove plaque and hidden bacteria (but without irritating sensitive teeth and gums). The credit is due to the super effective sonic vibrations emitted by the linear motor and a series of movements impossible to reproduce with a manual toothbrush.

According to some studies, Issa 3’s Sonic Pulse technology improves overall oral health by 140%, without the need for sudden movements on the teeth. Its movement, in fact, is as close as possible to a professional ultrasonic scaler operated in the office and that is why it easily removes plaque. In addition, it is made of silicone, a very hygienic material – more delicate than others – which prevents the accumulation of bacteria.

The impact on the planet of electric toothbrushes

There is a heated debate on the impact that the different plastic components they can have on the environment. In fact, just adopting an eco-friendly attitude recycling packaging and the products correctly e disconnecting the charger from the toothbrush when not in use. You can also recycle your old electric toothbrush in a more “creative” way, for example using it to clean small objects, PC keyboard included!