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S.tattooed, magnetic, maternal, intelligent. If there is an actress who perfectly embodies the role of super heroine endowed with extra-ordinary powers is Angelina Jolie. Today more than ever, so attractive that it does not seem “earthly”. Thanks to her (chapeau!) That in recent years she has been able to demonstrate, through ups and downs, that she has worked so well on herself that she has found “the square”. But also thanks to a film, Eternals, new Marvel work that we will hear a lot about. And, last but not least, thanks to his daughters Zahara and Shiloh. But let’s go in order and start from red carpet of the Rome Film Festival.

Angelina Jolie with her daughters Zahara Marley Jolie-Pitt and Shiloh Jolie-Pitt on the red carpet of the Rome Film Fest 2021

Angelina Jolie with daughters Zahara Marley Jolie-Pitt and Shiloh Jolie-Pitt on the red carpet of the Rome Film Fest 2021 (Photo by Alessandra Benedetti – Corbis / Corbis via Getty Images)

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Style lessons from Angelina Jolie (and daughters)

A week ago the news of the Los Angeles premiere of Eternals where Angelina Jolie had appeared radiant with (almost) all her children: Maddox, Vivienne, Zahara, Shiloh and Knox (only 17-year-old Pax, busy with his studies, was missing from the roll-out). If “the American Angelina” had been “sustainable” as usual and had captured the flashes in draped dress from the Balmain Resort 2022 collection, daughters Zahara and Shiloh hadn’t been outdone wearing two dresses (already used years ago on the red carpet) of mum. “My children wear vintage clothes mixed with pieces from my wardrobe, we recycled my old things”, Jolie proudly declared to Entertainment Tonight.

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Same movie, same message: because for the Italian premiere of Eternals (which closed the Rome Film Festival on a high note) the mother-daughter trio never missed an opportunity to bewitch the paparazzi by posing side by side, more radiant than ever. Smiling, proud, hand in hand, just like a real mini-army (of love) of superheroines, Angelina donned the role of the mother goddess, answered questions in a calm and generous voice, and then held back to long to sign autographs after the match ends.

All wrapped up in a custom-made dress Atelier Versace, as if it were an extraordinary divine armor with a sculptural silhouette with metallic drapery. To masterfully embellish the look, the Dondolo earrings in pink gold by Vhernier. For the series: absolute perfection exists and is très jolie. Or, quoting Donatella Versace, “Angelina Jolie is a goddess”, a divinity.

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Goddess look for too Zahara, 16, which in all its simplicity has opted for a white dress with American collar embellished with gold-colored inserts and simple jewels (perhaps from her personal collection, since she has recently become a designer?). Shilohinstead, 14 years old, he again preferred something simpler: a short black dress with barely hinted pleats and a bow on the front (always Versace) paired with a pair of yellow and black sneakers (much talked about, yes, but according to perfect for his age).

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All of Angelina Jolie’s humanity

Always engaged in humanitarian causes, from children’s rights to Afghan women, ambassador of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees, at the forefront of all discrimination and social injustice, Angelina Jolie is not only one of the highest paid and celebrated actresses in Hollywood, but a sort of modern champion who in recent years has accustomed us to (often) harsh words and moves with a great social impact.

At the Roma Film Fest, during the conference, When asked what her icons in life are, she answered as follows: «For me they are women on the front line every day, those who dedicate themselves to others, who work for refugees. These are people who have had to flee for what they believe in, for their rights and for the protection of their families, they survive on nothing. But luckily there is more good than bad in the world, and so many extraordinary people doing wonderful things ».

It is no coincidence that with Eternals Chloé Zhao, Oscar-winning director for Nomadland, bring to the screen an epic story featuring a team of immortal superheroes, forced out of the shadows to unite against humanity’s oldest enemy, the Deviants. Needless to say, Angelina Jolie, who appears blonde in the film and is part of this family of “imperfect” heroes who come together to return to Earth, is flawless for this film and for the role of Thena. “I like this story and I also like the diversity and inclusion represented by the cast and family. I hope this becomes the norm in the future ».

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And he added: «We all have signs due to the damage suffered, I am a very lucky person but I also have my injuries. My character suffers, but Chloé wanted to come up with something that was part of our being, so we talked in depth about Thena: hers is a form of stress due to trauma, but people with mental health problems can be strong too. and special. This message is especially important for young people ». Dear Angelina, how right you are, this message is important for everyone.


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