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THE face makeup brushes they are precious and essential allies to apply the foundation but, in general, to obtain a smooth and perfect face base all day long. There are those who prefer make-up sponges or fingers for applying foundation and concealer, but for powder and contouring there is no doubt, the face makeup brushes they are indispensable. Here we reveal the 5 makeup brushes to be included in the beauty and to always carry with you (even if, let’s face it, a pair could also be optional if they seem too many)

woman applies face powder with brush

The foundation brush for a smooth face base

One of the first face makeup brushes to have in your beauty is undoubtedly a foundation brush. There are those who prefer to use their hands and those who just can’t stand the idea of ​​getting them dirty, those who are now a loyal fan of beauty blender makeup sponges and those who have not yet tried to apply the foundation with a brush. With the sponge there is certainly a more natural application because a part of the product is absorbed by it. With the foundation brush, on the other hand, you can choose the type of finish to be obtained based on the choice of the brush.

girl base natural face applying powder foundation

THE cat’s tongue foundation brushes are now less and less used, but they are perfect for very liquid and light foundation textures because they absorb little product and allow you to work it until it is perfectly blended with the skin. Instead, they should be avoided with very full-bodied foundations because the risk is to glimpse the brushstrokes. The other types of foundation brush most common are the so-called buffing brush, like the one proposed below.

foundation face makeup brush

Luvia Essential 110 Prime Buffer Foundation Brush. Price: € 12.99 on douglas.it

They can have more or less dense bristles and a more rounded or flat shape, as in this case. For a high or medium coverage choose the flat section brushes, which guarantee a more precise application, if instead you want a very natural coverage and, if necessary, intensify the foundation in several steps, choose face makeup brushes for foundation with less compact and softer bristles, to obtain an airbrush effect, invisible on the skin.

blonde girl orange makeup blush brush

To not get your hands dirty and hide dark circles, use the concealer brush

There are also those who apply the concealer with a sponge but most people blend it with their finger. While it’s still a great way to get it out there, try using a concealer brush. Also in this case the choice falls on a buffer brush, like the one for the foundation but of small size and very compact bristles. It guarantees excellent coverage, perfect for those who have many dark circles to hide but, at the same time, it blends the product well without creating thickness, for a covering but natural result. Alternatively you can use a blending brush with small dimensions and not too long bristles to obtain a very natural effect, excellent if you do not have many dark circles to cover or if you want to create a light face base.

concealer face makeup brush

Zoeva Cosmetics 142 Concealer Buffer Rose Golden. Price: € 11.90 on sephora.it

To opacify the foundation the ideal is the powder brush

Combination and oily skin in relation to: an excellent one cannot be missing powder brush to be included in the beauty trai 5 face makeup brushes to have in the kit. If you have very dry skin you can do without it if you don’t feel the need to fix the face base, but most skins shine in the T-zone and therefore a dusting of powder is what it takes to make the makeup last for a long time. .

girl blows powder brush

If you prefer a very light fixing, choose powder brushes wide, with long and soft bristles, so as to apply less product and above all spread it over a larger area of ​​the face. If you prefer a stronger hold and hold, choose a medium-sized brush instead, so as to repeat the application several times, insisting on the areas that shine more, such as the T zone. The oval brushes are very versatile because, thanks to the their shape, allow you to reach even smaller areas of the face such as the sides of the nose or under the eyes, to fix the concealer.

face powder makeup brush

Mulac Cosmetics Ovally Brush Face Brush. Price: € 14.50 on pinalli.it

The ally for sculpted cheekbones: the contouring brush

A complete face base cannot be defined as such without a little contouring, to restore the right volumes to the face and sculpt it to refine it or correct some slight asymmetry. A contouring brush it is therefore essential to insert trai 5 face makeup brushes to have in beauty. There are really many types, experiment and choose the one that best suits your face shape. A small and oval brush for a very defined contouring, a diagonal brush for a lighter contouring or a flat and compact brush like the one we offer, perhaps the most versatile.

contouring face makeup brush

Mesauda Milano Cream Contour Contouring brush. Price: € 15.99 on douglas.it

It has many short and compact bristles to better blend cream products, for those who prefer this type of contouring but, at the same time, it is also perfect for applying powders. But be careful not to choose too pigmented powders because, with this type of brush there is the risk of applying too much product and making stains. In this case, apply very little product and, if necessary, blend it with powder brush.

dark hair asian girl applies contouring foundation

For a fresh and healthy effect, choose the blush brush

The last of the 5, but not least, is the blush brush, ideal for giving a touch of color to the face and making it appear immediately healthy, the so-called “good mine“. The most classic, also suitable for contouring as long as you use two different ones, is the angled brush, with bristles of different lengths but very soft. The shape does it all by itself, allowing you to apply the blush in greater quantities in the cheek area, decreasing as it rises towards the ear. Obviously, always follow the shape of your face to apply the blush, do not exaggerate on the cheeks if you have a round face and do not go too low if you have it oval.

blush face makeup brush

Real Techniques Easy as 1-2-3 Blush Brush Blush brush. Price: € 9.45 on lookfantastic.it

However, an extra could not be missing, to add if you are passionate about the issue face makeup brushes. The highlighter, as we know, is easily applied even with the finger, but if you want a delicate effect, which does not create thickness and illuminates the cheekbones in a natural or more marked way depending on how much product you apply or your tastes, do not let it slip away. the flame illuminating brush. Small in size, elongated but shrinking at the end, it has the classic shape of a candle flame. Trust me, once you try it you will never go back to apply the highlighter on the cheekbones.

brightening face makeup brush

Nabla Cosmetics Highlighter Brush Illuminating brush. Price: € 11.50 on pinalli.it