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Halloween nails 2021: 12 easy-to-do thrilling nail art ideas

H.alloween glam: bats, cobwebs and sparkling nail polishes, here are the “scary” manicures to try at your next party!

Impossible to resist the charm of Halloween and its celebrations (now that we can). The hunt for the scariest disguise, to be treated in detail to make it unique and show off a thrilling result! After choosing what to wear and finding the best solution for make-up – very important element – the focus is on nails which become protagonists of the look. Even if you have decided not to play a character, you can always treat your manicure by letting yourself be inspired by the mysterious charm of this event. We propose some idea for Halloween themed nails, giving you some useful tips on how to be able to make them at home. Enjoy it!

Halloween nails 2021: pink mood

The color you don’t expect and instead is a perfect base for Halloween nail designs: the pink knows no bounds and here is that one creamy nail polish becomes the canvas on which to draw pumpkins, cobwebs, ghosts and autumn motifs.

Halloween gel nails: choose minimalism

Who would have thought! Halloween nails meet autumn 2021 nude trends to bring to life minimalist nail art where it is the detail (the drawing of the ghost is the most popular) that makes the difference. For those who love the more discreet manicure (yes, even on Halloween!).

Halloween nail decorations: spiders, ghosts, skeletons (and little surprises)

The decorative details for the Halloween nails 2021 they do not differ from the great classics: cobwebs, ghosts and backgrounds with stars they are always the most popular for manicures different from each other. The trick to make the Halloween manicure? Create a sparkling base or glitter to give a glam touch to the scariest evening of the year! there four nail looks that you can get inspired by.

Halloween nails: pumpkin addiction

Another must of the Halloween night it’s pumpkins, symbol of the event and of the whole autumn season (and perfect for a not too horror nail look). On Instagram the trend wants one creamy gel base of the same orange shade or nude and opaque, a perfect canvas for any type of design.

Halloween nails 2021: (when in doubt) black manicure

The classic color to focus on for the scariest night of the year is always the very black with which it is impossible to go wrong! One more idea for one catchy manicure? The cobweb or the ghost on one finger only (for example the ring finger). It can be a great inspiration for dark winter manicure (with different reasons, ├ža va sans dire).