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Sign of Scorpio: the secrets of beauty

D.eternal, passionate, full of tenacity: those born under the sign of Scorpio burst with energy and must know the right secrets to transform this determination into a cyclone of beauty

Who said autumn is a boring season? Among falling leaves and pouring rains the sting of the born under the sign of Scorpio, true forces of nature.

Full of passion, unstoppable, perhaps a little too stubborn at times, scorpions have an edge because for them there is nothing impossible: if they want something, they get it.

It also applies to everything related to beauty: never stand between a Scorpio and his beauty routine! However, being a bit impatient, not everyone really knows the secrets that can make the most of them.

So, scorpions, stop just for a moment and make these tricks your own: once you learn them, trust me, nobody will stop you anymore.

The morning boost

Anyone born under the sign of Scorpio is blessed with a charisma it’s a magnetism out of the ordinary, resulting from an energy flow that the stars continue to radiate constantly.

Plus, Scorpio women are gods too true perfectionists who always care about looking their best. For this reason, the morning beauty routine becomes an essential moment, to be taken care of in every detail, leaving nothing to chance.

Basically, the morning routine must be a real boost for scorpions. The ideal is devote at least 30 minutes to all operations, without making the whole process boring. Like? Simple, planning!

Cleansing for Scorpios? Never banal

Every day you can think of a beauty routine that is as coherent as it is slightly “different”. Attention, we are not inviting you to change products: this would actually be incorrect.

What we are suggesting is to adapt your routine to your indomitable character: for the cleansing, for example, you can use the most suitable soap but with slightly different fragrances in order to have a different olfactory sensation every morning.

Furthermore, once a week you could opt for a completely natural cleanser, perhaps made by you. Nice is not it?

Hydration and sprint

And for thehydration? Here too you can make very small variations on the theme using boosters, or serums and elixirs that prepare and rebalance the skin.

beauty routine

Clearly, according to the type of skin and the season, it is necessary to use the correct serums: for autumn, for example, you can use those based on glycolic acid And retinol.

Fragrances and textures can vary: the important thing, of course, is not to mess and alternate with knowledge of the facts before applying a good eye contour and a good moisturizer.

After the morning beauty routine, remember to drink an energizing herbal tea (perhaps based on ginger and lime) and enjoy a fruit: you will be immediately radiant!

One devil per hair

If it is true that skincare is essential for those born under the sign of Scorpio, haircare is no exception: you scorpions will always connect a well-groomed hair to sensuality and magnetism.

This brings us, therefore, to the beauty secrets for the care of your hair. What you have to do, even in this case, is to give some movement to the gestures you make every day to be perfect.

Shampoo yes, but not only

While it is great to have a shampoo of your choice, on the other hand it is good to know that there are ingredients that you scorpions can mix for an even more wow effect.

This is the case, for example, of the honey, which will regulate the production of sebum and fortify hair of any length, but also ofrose water, which stimulates growth and gives shine.

Glam rock cuts

Even the cut wants its part and, let’s face it (face shape permitting), you scorpions give your best with cuts between glam rock and punk.

Scorpio haircut

Asymmetries, scaling and shaving give your already deep and seductive gaze that plus that makes you truly … stellar.

Super sensual make-up

Obviously, the beauty secrets related to make-up could not be missing, which for those born under the sign of Scorpio is a real weapon. The strength of you scorpions are the eyes. Do you already know what to do?


Let’s start with the eyebrows: in addition to choosing the right shape, you need to take care of them with great attention. Some born under the sign of Scorpio have bristly eyebrows, so it’s essential always keep them modeled.

It is good practice to comb the hair in the direction it naturally grows and brush it upwards in the front. Yes to small cuts, but watch out for do not alter the original shape too much.


To make the most of your aura of mystery, bet everything on cat-eye or on the smokey-eye. Depending on your skin and eye color, you can experiment to range from the most classic to the most original make-up. Is:

  • Bold eyeshadows that lengthen and brighten the look;
  • Eyeliner not necessarily black, which adapts to the shape of the eye and “leaps”;
  • Contrasts that also play with the color (or colors) of the hair.

If you want an even deeper effect, don’t say no to kajal. However, avoid loading too much if you don’t want to risk the panda effect.


Finally here we are on the lips. Keyword? Pouting effect! For those born under the sign of Scorpio, the slightly frowned expression is a real explosion of sensuality.

To get it always remember to always keep your lips hydrated with a good balm, applying it regularly or under your favorite lipstick as a base.