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Hair color trends fall winter 2021-22: see the photos

C.‘is a desire for normality in the air. Even in hair colors. This is demonstrated by the collections of salons that offer natural, simple, wearable hair colors

For most of us, autumn is the ideal time to refresh our hair color, after a summer season that is now only a memory. And if some – usually blondes – can be satisfied with the natural shatush operated by UV rays, the same cannot be said for browns or reds, given the feared (and almost certain) post-summer orange reflections.

Here, to correct a faded tint, it is urgent to go to the salon and take a look at them new hair color fall winter 2021-2022.

Hair color trends 2021-22

It will be the period, it will be the mood realistic post-restrictions, the fact is that a strong trend emerges from the hair color collections: return to the classic. Apart from a few bold nuances in the palette of reds. Not surprisingly, the color that wins over everyone is a “very normal” brown. Where normal means rich in nuances, just as Mother Nature commands. Green light for caramel, chestnuts, chocolates, marron glacé and all the shades of brown that often turn to eggplant.

In this desire for normality, in the palette hair color 2021 colors that are too gritty disappear (such as jet black andice blond), while the more subdued ones (such as wheat-colored blondes and warm browns) make their way.

All the hair color shades of autumn invite you to practicality, which is expressed in nuanced contrasts and never too sharp. A separate chapter deserves the pink that peeps out among the locks of the sweetest blondes. Ready to choose your new hair color?

The blondes of autumn winter 2021

The nuances of blond hair trendy, they are delicate and effective “shade layering“, that is, they are superimposed almost imperceptibly, precisely to give a luminous result color palette of blond ranges from warm and golden blonde to satin blonde extremely refined thanks to beige accents. There is no shortage of slightly pinkish pinkish blondes that light up the lighter heads of a vibrant but delicate shade.

The most popular blonde shades are those neither too yellow nor too ash, but which remind us of the shades of sand. Havana, ocher, caramel and hazelnut are other colors to keep in mind. And if you love lighter shades, go for vanilla and mother-of-pearl blondes.

Intense blond

An intense blonde proposed by Franck Provost, in which the balayage technique skilfully mixes cold and warm tones.

Vanilla blond

A bright blonde like cream desserts or fruit sorbets. It is good for those with very fair complexions. The proposal is to Aveda.

Very light blond

A perfect blonde for those with straight hair (they will look even brighter and brighter), a fair complexion and a fresh face. Look of Framesi.

Warm blond

A warm blonde shade that gives light to beige complexions. It is suitable for layered hair, even quite long, both straight and wavy. This type of warm blonde brings out the movement. The look is by Jean Louis David.

Rosy blondes

A blonde with light pink shades that frame the face and add a modern twist. Perfectly enhanced by a bold cut of medium length, with a light fringe and slightly blunt sides – to give the impression of short hair left to grow. Styled with a light texture so that it can be disheveled and smoothed with your fingers. Above a look Indola and below Schwarkopf Professional.

Another pinkish blonde proposed by Z.one concept

The browns of autumn winter 2021

With their large-scale distribution in all latitudes of the globe, i Brown hair they are among the most popular in the world, after black hair.

But probably no hair color like chestnut is rich in nuances, ranging from dark blondes to more intense browns, passing through coppery and golden tones. The merit is of two types of melanins, one darker (eumelanin) and the other lighter (pheomelanin) which, by merging, can give rise to an infinite number of tones. Impossible to enumerate them all.

Among the trendy browns, the one that is the most popular is caramel, as reassuring as the dessert from which it takes its name. Presents various gradations reminiscent of the nuances of greedy desserts.

Caramel brown

A deliciously normal brown, illuminated by just hints of lighter brown. The smooth styling brings out the delicate shade of color. Proposed by Jean Louis David.

light brown

It’s called nude brown and it’s a natural light brown that goes beautifully with the skin tone. Just like the color proposal of Evos.


A not too bright golden brown that illuminates the hair. Wavy styling accentuates the reflections. Proposed by Franck Provost.

Brown with lightening

Effect contouring for the play of lightening that frames the face proposed by Compagnia della Bellezza.

Chocolate brown

A rich chocolate color, slightly lightened in the medium lengths. The hair is lightened by a slight scaling in front to balance the length and styled with soft waves to give volume and a rich shine. The look is of Indola.

Dark auburn brown

An energetic and vibrant color that makes hair shiny and faceted. It also gives a healthy and shiny appearance to the hair. Offered by Wella.

Dark brown with mahogany reflections

Dark mahogany brown is certainly one of the most intense shades that can turn purple: ideal for those with a dark base and certainly suitable for those who want to venture more to get noticed. A look of Framesi.

dark brown

A very dark intense brown proposed by Aldo Coppola.

Brown with red contrasting effects

From Cotril dark brown mixes with delicate fiery red contrasts.

The reds of autumn winter 2021

Apart from a few exceptions, the red hair trend in theautumn winter 2021-22 they are determined. The “Irish” shades win, ranging from light reds to almost orange blondes. It is almost always about bright shades which certainly do not go unnoticed.

In addition to the Britannia inspiration with its Nordic-inspired tawny nuances, the “trend” resists food“, that is, hair colors that mimic the spices, in this case red, such as: cinnamon, chilli and pink pepper. There is no shortage of bolder colors such as the Cherry and aubergine that start from brown bases.

Red … orange

Contrasts of light and shadow, strong, vivid colors, the sensations of
painter in front of nature. The hair moving in the wind, that
comb and highlight feminine sensuality.
The sun and strong light blows this up look by Aveda characterized by
various shades of orange that create three-dimensionality, faceting
the lively and at the same time natural color.

Copper red

A delicate copper suitable for those who have clear skin which tends to beige (therefore with a warm undertone). The golden accent contained in this copper shade enlivens ivory complexions. A proposal of Framesi.

Red autumn effect

A color that recalls the autumn foliage and that with its naturalness never tires. Proposed by Company of Beauty.

Hair lit with a fiery red

An intense red that almost turns bordeux for the proposal spicy from Davines.

Between Irish red and Titian red

Delicate like a pre-Raphaelite painting, here is the shade of red that recalls the typical heads of the populations of Northern Europe. Proposed by Schwarzkopf Professional.

Aubergine hair

A bright and vibrant red that, while reminiscent of purple, has nothing dark about it. It is the aubergine shade proposed by Aveda.

The shaded colors

Of great trends in 2021 are the ombré effect hair, that is, shaded. The hair changes shades thanks to a play of shadows on certain hair strands that aims to obtain shaded effects of color, always very gradual. The hair is discolored by 2 maximum 3 tones with shots of freehand brush.

This year the gradient effects are harmonious, without too many color breaks. The skill of the colorist is often deduced precisely because of his ability to make it natural lightening not so much on the tips as on the roots.

Shaded chestnut

Soft shade with a color that slopes gently towards a higher tone height, for Kemon.

Apple blonde hair

From Evos the degradè effect becomes more evident, but still remains delicate.

Lighter hair at the tips

Wella proposes a revisited shatush effect with an almost leveled contrast between light at the tips and dark at the roots.

Balayage on brown hair

Finally, a light balayage that moves a wavy hair. Of Framesi.