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Even Fanny Ardant can slip on a banana peel


Actress symbol of a certain committed cinema, this beloved diva is also a symbol of a powerful yet fragile charisma, of an intense and nervous beauty that is irresistibly French like her way of dressing.

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Always tight, with points of eccentricity to give a shiver of irony and a bon ton that tends not to take itself too seriously. In a slalom between impeccable colors such as black and white, and unlikely details such as the sleeves and lifebuoy on the ankle-length evening dress.
Details to forget.

Fanny Ardant

Fanny Ardant’s style slips: from the left, bubbly, dressed up, tempting and protected (photos Getty Images and Olycom).

Bubbly (2020) It would all seem very simple, feathers (on the bag), lace (at the knee), fur (at the neck). Instead, they seem to be popping up everywhere (February 24, Palais de la Porte Dorée, Paris).
Dressed Up (2009) Nothing is missing from this formal dress. It is made of satin, it is gray, it has a belt on the hips complete with a bow, balloon sleeves … (June 18, Taormina Film Festival)

Temptress (2007) Passionate about the kind of dress, Fanny Ardant transformed it into temptation and allusion, covering it with a veil. Between bon ton and unbridled (Venice Film Festival, première Time).
Protected (2007) A punctual festival goer, Fanny casually wears long dresses. Although, as in this case, the shrug resembles a life jacket (Cannes, Palais des Festival).


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