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Micropull, long skirt and unconventional jewels: the casual and careless elegance of the look chosen by Fanny Ardant at the Rome Film Festival


She is still the lady of “unstoppable passions”, at least in her on-screen roles as she also points out Les jeunes amants, film presented at the Rome Film Festival. The story of a counter-current love affair between a 70-year-old woman (Ardant is actually 72 and has never resorted to cosmetic surgery) and a 45-year-old man, happily married.

But as he told al Corriere della Sera: «Love has a price: are you willing to pay for it?“. In her life she has never hesitated. And who for reasons of age, perhaps, has never seen the unforgettable The lady next door he has lost one of the great pleasures of life.

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Fanny Ardant

Fanny Ardant photographed on October 16, 2021 on the red carpet of the Roma Film Festival (photo Getty Images).

Jewels The hoop earrings and rings on all fingers tell an independent taste and the pleasure of giving a personal meaning to everything you wear.
bag In a season of handbags sculpted like little boxes, Fanny Ardant carries one in re-nylon marked with Prada’s metal branding.
Micropull The small cardigan embellished with jewel buttons, slightly open on the décolleté, is an unconventional idea for the evening. A certainty after so many exaggerated dresses (Miu Miu).
Skirt If the fringes, enhanced as they are by the ultra-sheer stockings, attract attention, it is the line sculpted by an important process that builds a casual and careless elegance.


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