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How to wear makeup on Halloween? Easy tutorials for everyone

M.hips less and less at the scariest night of the year. For this Halloween 2021 you amaze everyone with a truly monstrous look, how? Dressing up as characters from movies and TV series … in a super dark version!

Halloween beauty look: the looks to be inspired

Do you want to impress your friends with a Halloween beauty look unconventional and are you tired of the usual ghost or witch disguise? This year you can indulge yourself and choose from some of the most famous movie and TV series characters ever.

Monstrous or disturbing there are characters in the history of cinema that deserve to be interpreted on Halloween to leave everyone speechless! Curious, let’s start!

1) Squid Game, the Netflix TV series is perfect for Halloween

Sara Squid Game the disguise par excellence of Halloween 2021, as evidenced by the fact that the white Vans (worn by the characters) are already going sold out! Very easy to make, you can buy a faithful reproduction of the green jumpsuit on Amazon.

As for makeup, you can use very little of it: it will be enough emphasize dark circles and apply some lip balm just to brighten the lips. As for the hair, on the other hand, a helmet with bangs is mandatory (a wig that can always be useful on any occasion).

2) Tokyo, from the Casa di Casta

Iconic character of the award-winning TV series The House of Paper, Tokyo is undoubtedly one of everyone’s most loved characters (no spoilers). It is also perfect for a couple’s outfit, because you can play both Tokyo and Nairobi with your best friend

Also in this case, making the disguise for Halloween is really easy. On the internet you can buy the famous Dali mask and red jumpsuit. For makeup, even in this case, at an all-time low. Light eyeliner and mascara for the eyes and lip balm.

The horror touch? The fake blood, to be spread on the suit, on the edge of the lips or on the hair … to stage a fight but without exaggerating.

3) Velma and Daphne from Scooby Doo

Another couple costume, which winks at the 70s, is that of the two investigators of the surreal Velma and Daphne from the Scooby Doo cartoon series.

The representative colors of the two characters are lilac and orange. Velma is wearing an orange high neck sweater and red miniskirt, while Daphne has a lilac mini dress. The funny thing about these costumes is that they can easily be represented also in a modern way, without leaving the character, but making them more suitable for a party today.

As for the makeup, you can choose to range as you prefer. Our advice? Why not make a makeup in the same tones as the outfit?

4) Cruella Demon, the coolest character of 2021

Thanks to the Disney reboot, we will also find the iconic character of among the Halloween beauty looks Cruella Demon. One was also dedicated to this character capsule collection by MAC Cosmetics.

To create the look, the Red lipstick, which identifies the character and a dramatic eye look. In this case you can choose a smokey eye in very deep black tones to stretch towards the temples and apply very voluminous false eyelashes. The black and white wig is a must, perfect for getting into the part.

5) The terrifying adventures of Sabrina

The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina series ended this year and what would Halloween be without a little black magic? Each character in the series is fabulous and allows you to interpret it in various facets, thanks to the numerous outfits and makeup proposed.

With regard to Sabrina Spellman making the makeup is quite simple: just apply a red lipstick in a dark shade, intensify the eyebrows and wear a platinum wig with a black band, inevitable in every look of the little witch!

Et voila! Happy Halloween and don’t forget … trick or treat!