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Vibrators and sex toys are the novelties to treat yourself, no more taboo

Taking care of your intimate beauty has never been so … beautiful and exciting

Vibrators and sex toys, the news for 2021

Just hide, there is nothing wrong with buying vibrators and sex toys! These toys for one’s sexual desire have been secretly relegated to drawers and cabinet doors for too long, because they are considered taboo.

Masturbation, in pairs or singles, has always been pointed out. But now is the time to put a stop to this retrograde and antiquated concept. Know your body and the one’s intimacy also exponentially improves relationships with partners, because it allows us to be able to say what we want and understand what we like, the rest is sexual understanding and the desire to experiment.

How to choose the right vibrator and sex toys for you

Between most common sex toys, the vibrator has the task (and the goal) to make us reach orgasm. Its vibrations trigger an intense pleasure by stimulating various points.

Not all the same there are different models on the market suitable for every type of pleasure, body and desire. If you think that the “classic vibrator” is only the one that reproduces the shape of the male member then you know that there is a world to explore.

Classic vibrator, a must have that cannot be missed

Here it is, the most classic of the classics. The red lipstick of masturbation: the vibrator with the phallic shape that we all know.

Probably today among the least bought is undoubtedly the “oldest” and the first to have made happy many … many women (and not only). Neither they exist both in a realistic shape and in a more modern design with colors ranging from pastel to shock.

What matters in this case is the size, yes because it can be of various sizes and adapt more or less to your body.

Rabbit vibrator, the most famous in Sex and the City

It was the legendary Samantha Jones in the telefilm Sex and the City who first cleared female masturbation and made us discover the existence of the “Rabbit”: a vibrator that also stimulates the clitoris during penetration. For unforgettable thrills.

Bullet vibrator with a minimal design

Discreet, bordering on futuristic design. This vibrator is shaped like a bullet, from which it obviously takes its name.

They have become famous especially in recent years are designed for external and clitoral stimulation. They are in fact characterized by very small dimensions compared to their “classic” and “rabbit” counterparts. For this reason I am considered very discreet, sometimes managing to pass even for lipsticks, traveling undisturbed in the bags.

Clitoral vibrator

Among the novelties we find the clitoral vibrator, also called sucks clit, is designed exclusively for the external stimulation.

Once activated through a small nozzle it gently sucks in the air, thus going once positioned to stimulate the clitoris. The sensations it gives are very similar to those of oral sex. Therefore, pleasure does not come in the form of vibrations or penetration but of sonic pulsations: an innovative and intriguing sex toy, absolutely to try.

Discover the gallery with the best vibrators and sex toys to buy now!


Smile Makers, The French Lover Flexible Vibrating Tongue. Price: 50 €


Womanizer, Premium 2. Price: 189 €


Womanizer, Classic 2. Price: 129 €


Womanizer, STARLET 3. Price: 69 €


Lelo, Sila Pink. Price: 127 €


Womanizer, Premium Black & Gold. Price: 189 €


Lalleri, Olé Verde. € 68


Control, Feel XL. Price: € 29.90


Durex, Intense Pure Fantasy. Price: € 21.90


EasyToys, Vibrating Egg with remote control. Price: € 27.95


EasyToys, rabbit vibrator. € 15.95


EasyToys, Mini Magic Wand Vibrator. € 19.95


EasyToys, Rabbit Vibrant. Price: € 9.95