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THE “Lucky people” who last night around 19 found themselves stuck in the traffic of the renowned 5th Avenue in New York could not have known that those people wrapped in cashmere blankets and sitting on the steps of Saks Fifth Avenue they weren’t there just to watch the usual inauguration of Christmas with lighting ceremony. This is the scenario that has brought us back one of the best versions of Michelle Obama: the one that takes us by the hand and gently accompanies us to Christmas. The one that intoxicates us with the scent of cinnamon and maternal embraces with the power of thought alone.

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There are 31 days to Christmas 2021 and there is a lot of nostalgia. Penguins, snowmen, flakes everywhere, a gingerbread house weighing 500 kg, a decorated tree 5 meters high. And even the life-size replica of the presidential dogs Bo and Sunny. The Christmas at the White House of Obama, in 8 years of mandate, he was never subdued. On the contrary. That’s why today seeing Michelle Obama struggling with spectacular lights and a voice broken by emotion during her speech is a déjà-vu that we still like and reassure us.

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Michelle Obama and Christmas

The former first lady has always been very good at “Christmas” and even yesterday she appeared brighter than ever in a glitter look signed by Christopher John Rogers. The outfit, which couldn’t be more Christmas, is made up of wide and comfortable trousers and a long coat. Cool touch: one turtleneck sweater in black eco-leather.

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Michelle has shown all her positive light to enthusiastically speak of Girls Opportunity Alliance, a project very dear to Obama Foundation of which Saks was an active financier: “When our family was in the White House, I traveled extensively and met many important people, kings and queens, and other presidents and first ladies. But I’ve also met thousands of young people like Jada, Dreshta and Caitlin, promising girls right here in New York City, ”he said. “I met these wonderful young women just a few minutes ago. And in such a short time, let me tell you, they left me breathless… ».

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The Obama Foundation charity project

700,000 LED lights programmed for the occasion (accompanied by a performance by the Young People’s Chorus in New York City) thus reminded everyone of the fundraising opportunities of the event and of the entire campaign launched by the Obama Foundation that wants to give back dignity, studies and favorable conditions for all young women on the planet.

We have donated millions of dollars to the Girls Opportunity Alliance», Explained Marc Metrick, CEO of Saks:« It is fantastic to be here with our family, our friends and our partners after such a difficult period. This light show is our gift to New York City. ” It is no coincidence that Saks has provided a special assortment of ready-to-wear, accessories, home and beauty items from leading designers, from Christopher John Rogers to Oscar de la Renta, whose 100% of the net proceeds will be donated to the Obama Foundation in support of the Girls Opportunity Alliance.

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“So if you buy something from this collection in the next few weeks, you will not only cross something off your to-do list, but you will also have the opportunity to help ensure a better future for girls around the world,” added Michelle. “What a powerful way to embrace the Christmas spirit. It’s not true?”. To the good connoisseur, a few words.


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