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All the trendy blondes of winter 2021-2022

C.amble look for the new winter season? Absolutely yes, but only if you opt for one of the trendiest shades. So here are the coolest blondes you can’t really give up. For a winter in which your hair will be the real and only protagonist!

Blond hair yes or … yes! There are no other answers to the question of whether or not to dye your hair blonde during this new autumn-winter season. And the reason, quite simply, is to be found in the extraordinary variety of trendy shades that will enhance blonde hair in these coming weeks of winter cold.

From the most classic shades, to ice, from caramel, to those reminiscent of the sand of the beaches, to the color of strawberries. In short, a collection of blondes from which it is difficult to choose but who know how to give a look super wow and make the most of your hair and your personality. Because you know, who is blonde is both inside and out! Here, then, are the trendiest shades among which to opt for a screaming golden hair.

Vanilla blonde hair

Classic, timeless and warm, the blonde nuance that recalls the vanilla color he is one of the blondes who will never go out of style. Able to give an allure of pure charm and sweetness even to the most marked faces and which is well suited to any type of hair.

Smooth, curly, wavy, long or short. In short, vanilla is the blond that allows you to show off a golden hair with the utmost tranquility and naturalness. Embellishing your look with beautiful reflections of lights and soft, welcoming shades that give the sensation of enveloping you (and enveloping you) in a unique and unforgettable warmth.

“Perly blonde” or when the hair becomes pearly

Definitely stronger, however, is the pearly blond. A real super trendy novelty for this new season, able to enrich the hair with reflections, one more beautiful than the other and all to be admired.

In this shade of blond, in fact, it is the nuances that make the difference, blending perfectly with each other and creating one homogenous hair but never banal. Embellished with very light details that recall gray, cream and even pastel pink. In a combination of blondes and colors that bring back to magical atmospheres and precious details. Just like the pearls they are inspired by.

A perfect nuance to revive any type of natural and non-natural blond, and give you a new look for the winter.

pearl blonde hair

Strawberry blonde, when blonde hair smells of strawberry

You know the gorgeous blonde hair worn by Kristen Stewart in her latest appearances? Well, don’t forget it and take it with you to your trusted salon. The strawberry blonde, or more simply the hair strawberry blonde, are the must of the upcoming season.

A nuance that combines platinum with red, creating a color that recalls the pink of strawberry juice, sweet and unique like this fruit and absolutely a trend to be copied. A color that leaves nothing to chance, that knows how to stand out anytime and anywhere, whether you are on a red carpet (and why not?), Whether you are going shopping, a new Pilates class or a dinner with friends. . For a look of real stars and blonde hair to leave you breathless.

strawberry blonde hair

“Ice” blonde hair

A hair from Nordic flavor, reminiscent of the vast expanses of ice, snow and cold. Let’s talk about the ice blonde, from its lighter shades, perfect to combine with super short cuts such as a pixie cut, a bob (or whatever you like), up to its warmer shades, like those shown by Arisa in her latest photo (a true icon in anticipating and making its new trends).

The ice blonde is truly one of the most characteristic and appreciated blondes. A nuance that highlights the facial features, especially in its lighter shades and which mostly come close to white (which particularly emphasizes eyes, eyebrows and cheekbones). What can I say, with such a hair the queens of winter can only be you.

ice blonde hair

Sand stone blonde

That is, a foliage that recalls the magical atmospheres and colors of the desert. A soft, warm nuance, rich in shades of color and movement. Able to particularly embellish medium-long and wavy hair (which even more resembles the natural motion of the desert “sand waves”).

One of the most magical, enveloping and warm blondes of this season. To show off with ease, emphasizing each movement hair and giving it an absolutely inimitable light and charm that you will no longer be able to do without. After all, even if a pop star like Jennifer Lopez has opted for this type of blonde, there will be a reason.

What can I say, you just have to try one of the many shades of winter blondes. Always asking for advice from your trusted hairdresser and / or hair stylist, who will be able to choose with you better nuance and which best suits your complexion. To guarantee you blonde hair rich in shades and charm and an absolutely amazing look.