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Protecting your nails when doing gel reconstruction: how to do it

Lhe gel reconstruction is amazing for those who always love to have a top manicure, but it can also be quite aggressive for the nails, which must therefore be protected

Since it exists, many girls have seen it in the gel reconstruction the perfect solution to always have flawless nails. In fact, this technique, unlike traditional nail polish, lasts a long time, royal extra shiny nails and once done you don’t have to worry that the color will flake at the slightest solicitation.

However, not all that glitters is gold but they are indeed different pitfalls of the gel, given that it is a method that is anything but soft and that, by abusing it, the nails could be affected.

It is not so much the coloring technique that attacks them, but rather removal of the gel, which very often leaves the surface of the nail weakened, rough and thinned.

All these negative consequences, however, should not discourage or remove from the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčopting for the gel for your manicure, but simply warn and push to adopt some ploys to protect the nails.

Do not remove the gel by yourself

To weaken the nails after the gel reconstruction is above all the removal of the enamel, even more if made at home. When you decide to eliminate it, even if there is no idea in your plans to apply it again, do not go to DIY but always contact a specialized salon.

How to remove gel polish

The techniques for removing the gel are different, there are those who use specific tools and those who use some chemical solutions specially formulated. In both cases, however, in addition to color to leave is a thin layer of nail, the outermost one, which with the passage of time becomes increasingly thin, weak and sometimes yellowed.

Since this is a rather delicate operation, it is therefore better not to do it alone but to rely on professionals who know how to limit the damage as much as possible.

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Pamper them with ad hoc treatments

Hydration is essential to protect nails that have undergone gel reconstruction. So never forget to use a good one moisturizing cream that in addition to the hands also nourishes the nails and cuticles stressed by the treatment. For the latter, the aloe vera gel to be massaged on the surface once a day is also very valid, or thecoconut, jojoba or almond oil.

Hand bath with olive oil

Even the hand bath can work wonders, especially the one based on natural ingredients nutrients that help the nails regenerate and strengthen faster.

A super versatile beauty elixir that also in this case can come to our rescue is theolive oil.

To prepare the treatment, just pour a little oil into a bowl, heat it slightly so that it becomes lukewarm and add some lemon drops.

Dip your fingers in the liquid e leave it to act for about 10 minutes, then rinse with warm water. The immediate result is super soft hands and nails and if you keep this good habit at least a couple of times a week you will see them change and become healthier and healthier.

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Get help from nutrition

Whether you are fresh from a gel reconstruction that has weakened your nails, or you are about to do it, strengthening them is always a great idea and before even thinking about some extra external treatment, you should do it. be careful what you put on your plate. In fact, some foods contain elements useful for the growth and strengthening of the nails.

Start with proteins

The proteins they are undoubtedly friends of nails, so make sure they are present in your diet eggs, fish, meat and cheese.

Calcium and iron and vitamin C are also essential for strengthening nails and beyond dairy product you can get your fill of it by eating cabbage, broccoli, walnuts, beans, spinach and citrus fruits.

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Protect your nails from other aggressions

As mentioned, the gel and its removal can attack and damage the nails, which certainly do not need other negative stresses.

To avoid damaging them further protect them using latex gloves when you wash the dishes or the house using detergents made up of corrosive chemicals.

Give your nails a break

Even if the gel reconstruction seems like a turning point and you would never want to abandon it, choosing it as the only solution for your nails is not a wise idea.

Since the products used to make it and to remove it are quite aggressive and over time weaken the nails, take a break every now and then and stop doing it.

To prevent them from becoming softer and more prone to breaking periodically leave your nails bare, so that they breathe. If you just can’t give up on the enamel choose one traditional but that it is also reinforcing.

Cut it often

In the detox period in which to keep the nails natural, do not exceed even with the length, so as to reinforce them not only on the surface but also on the outer edges. But be careful, don’t cut them with scissors or a nail clipper as you risk breaking them. To keep the length under control use a file instead.